Can Cal Mag be added to fox farm nutrients for reguar watering?

i dont want any issues this far along. about the fifth week of flower in soil and outdoors. apparent calcium deficiency due to ph’d water.

If you’re in 5th week of flower, you’ve sucked the soil dry if nutes if not adding. People action of using nutrients with the ffof but only during the beginning, by the time you’re in flower, you need to be adding nutes.

Are you growing in pots, or beds? You should post pics so members can see what problems your having to better help.

Thanks. I’ve been using fox-farm since I received the clones. Planted May 12. Just wanted to see if cal mag could be added to the gallon when feeding fox farm or should it be added separately and then watered.

Wahini Photos

Five gallon pots

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Wahini Photos

Oh you mean with the fox farm nute! Sorry bro, yeah, give all you’re feedings together unless instructed otherwise by the package. I do at least, to help monitor the plant’s response to the feeding, so I can try and read response. You’re plant looks nice and happy to me. Are you reading ph?

Yes I am. 6.8 -7

She likes the morning sun. Getting crystaly and real “fragrant”.

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Trices are beginning to appear and purple hairs are forming. How long till harvest u think? Four weeks?