Can butter/oil be made without taste and color?

Hello to all. I’m starting to try making edibles as a newbie. First I will be using bud for decarb and have seen some videos where you need to bust up bud and and mb2 says not. I purchased a magic butter 2 and tried an ounce with 2-1/2 cups of butter.this machine chops it so fine it’s almost powder. I tried a spoonful (3grams) to see what it tastes like and yeah it’s not pleasant, but it does work…I’ve heard about blanching( can this be done with dried & cured bud) My goal is to have a clearer looking product (like my clarified butter)that has little or no weed taste. My guess is the the thc has no flavour it’s the terpes and chlorophyll?. I bet that someone on this site has superior knowledge and would love any help.
Thanks and have an easy day

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I don’t have a direct answer for you but here is what I do and there is no taste or odor.

I use my Trim Bin to harvest trichomes in the form of keif. I decarb the keif at 240 F for about 1 hour.
I then use my oil of choice (avocado or clarified butter are my favorites). About 1 cup+ of oil and 25 grams of keif. Cook and stir at low heat for 30 - 40 minutes. Strain through cheese cloth and there you have it.

This technique is what I came up with because making cannabutter with whole buds tasted awful to me. I use the cannabutter to make brownies substituting the oil called for in the instructions.

3/4" squares give me an excellent buzz that lasts a long time (too long sometimes LOL).

There are definitely better ways of doing this and much more efficient ways. This is what I like to do.


Thanks Merlin . That sounds awesome. I’ll get a coffee grinder today.

Be careful not to grind too fine, you don’t want plant material getting through the Trim Bin screen. I usually just dry rub sugar leaves that would otherwise get tossed out. Occasionally I will break up some buds and dry rub that but it is more work and I am lazy.

I failed to mention that I freeze the material to dry rub to make the trichomes brittle so they break off easily and fall through the screen. Also, for dry rubbing, dryer is better.

I can’t remember who turned me on to dry rubbing. Maybe @Missiles?


again thanks Merlin. I went to put a spoonful on my pancakes and noticed the patchy looking top on my butter. Did it not infuse properly? Used a MB2 and followed instruction.

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I have never used an MB2 or any other such device so can not help you on that.
Maybe @covertgrower or @holmes has some experience.

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Your butter looks like it should once it cools. If you use actual dairy butter it will tend to separate to an extent; causing that appearance.

I prefer coconut oil for making butter as it presses out of the leftover plant material better than butter does (which increases yield) FYI. A tablespoon of lecithin added to the butter when made will help your liver uptake the THC better, increasing effective potency.

The off flavor is caused by chlorophyll. If you are careful in your approach you can minimize the amount transferred to your butter. @merlin44’s technique is superior in that you are eliminating 90% of the plant material that contains chlorophyll.

I normally shake kief (dry ice method) and use the leftover plant material along with flower and trim to make a batch of butter. Once kief is done I decarb at 240F in a mason jar in the oven for an hour. This is folded in to a small crock pot containing 20 oz of melted coconut oil and ‘cooked’ on low for 2 hours. Cooled to barely able to handle it and squeezed through fine muslin cloth, cooled and put in molds of 4 oz each. Use as you would with butter in recipes.


Thanks for chiming in @Myfriendis410, I know very little beyond what I have done myself.

Yeah, and I did forget to mention the lecithin…old guy brain you know LOL.


Oh I know!


Can you explain this in a bit better detail for my young wipper snapper mind, it sound a little confusing.

I would think you either soak all plant material in the coconut oil after decarb or you freeze it and then use a kief box then toss the material… Using the kief for the oil.


It’s about maximizing use of a plant. Even after BHO extraction there’s still some left, I choose to toss it anyways. There’s no smell after it’s been extracted.

In regards to making butter, I’ve read that using ghee is better than butter, less water content for the the chlorophyll to leach into.


Thank you all for the help. I put 3grams of butter on my pancake. I’ll see how it worked. The mb2 was so easy to use that I’ll try coconut oil next. I did clarify the butter and put le too. Glad to have internet help


Just what CG said. I freeze flower destined for my wife and I to enjoy as kief. I use a 1 gallon 72 micron screen and 4 or 5 oz of dry ice with 6 quarters to help break trichomes. That is shaken over a sheet of glass and collected. What’s left when done is essentially a frozen powder but still has around 30% of the THC floating around in it. It gets added into the rest of the plant material I’m going to make butter with (sugar leaves, trim, larf, etc.) and all of that is decarbed in a Mason Jar (keeps the odor down). That goes in a crock pot of coconut oil, 2 T of lecithin and 1/2 cup of water. Cooked on low 2 to 4 hours depending. The rest is self-explanatory.

I weigh butter and use to make brownies (just made a batch last night) and they are delicious! And potent; walking around the house at 2 a.m. to let the dog out you can really feel it.

Hope that helps!


Thanks again for all the help. Another issue is I have about 1 lb of bud to grind for kief. I’ve looked on internet and now I’ll ask here. Any one know of a great quick way to grind my bud to collect kief. The 4 piece I see seem to be for daily and I’m sure it would take me weeks to grind it that way.

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No I have yet to do that. I need too lol maybe it was BTB. I was going to suggest Covert but I see he’s already answered :wink:

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This was my first time making canna budder, and the taste is :nauseated_face: I read about rewashing the budder, and I’ve done that twice, now looking for a recipe that will best mask the herbal taste, any suggestions? I’m going to try this method my next go round :crossed_fingers:t2:

Thank you

I bought a magic butter machine and tried it.
One oz of WW, nice buds, decarbed. 2 cups of clarified butter and set the MB to go.
Wound up with some butt awful tasting green shit. I tried the budder in varying doses and hardly no effect…so… the other night I decided to try more. 5 club crackers with about an average small finger sized dose of budder on each. 2 hours and no buzz.
Went to bed and was wide awake, and then the trip started. 4 hours of the worst trip in my life. I just laid there and kept telling myself, this is not going to kill me, while looking at a wall of diamond shaped red and orange flames that had a pissed off flaming elephant with a rhinoceros horn…
Maybe I should learn about Kiefing.