Can bag seed be feminized seed?

My GSC medicine from a dispensary had about 20 seeds. I germinated 10 of them and all of them were females. By flowering stage, not one became a hermie. What does this mean. Did the original grower produce feninized seeds and some got left in my medicine?

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Could be the grower had other issues that caused a hermie like light leaks. Also you may not see any hermies til closer to harvest time - late stage hermies, or they’ll grow very few male flowers that can be difficult to spot.


I grew a Grape Ape bagseed this summer and it did well until AC went out for a week. Got one little hermie. Promptly picked it off as caught early and never saw another one…
…which begs the question: do commercial or large scale growers use feminized seeds or do they use regular? Things I wonder about when a tad stoned… :green_heart:

ME TOO! Thanks!

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