Can anyone tell me

The tips of my plant is starting to turn yellow. What could be the possible cause?

None burple light pic will help, also fill out a support ticket so we can help you better.

A usual starting place would be to check your ph calibrate your ph meter check what you’re ph is going in and what you’re runoff ph is hop this helps

Tips turn yellow normally is a sign if nutrient burn
What and how mach are you feeding
Checking ph is also a good idea
Do you have tds meter ?

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can’t see or tell anything with colored light pics. try white light

Yes I do have a ph meter. I did check my runoff and it was 5.2. TdubWilly said you suggested running 7.5 through until runoff is in proper ph range. Does that sound about right?

7.5 is a bit high. TDub knows his ish. But take her in at 7. It may take more water. But less chance of shocking from sudden switch if u go to far

How have u been feeding? And do u have a ppm meter? Now would be super helpful so you can keep track of how much food your washing out of her.

Will pick up ppm meter tomorrow. I’m feeding her foxfarm big bloom, grow big and tiger bloom. I feed every third watering. I seldom go full strength on feed usually a half to third and follow their schedule and recommendations as close as possible.