Can anyone tell me why this is happening

First time grower. Planted WW auto I bought here and its about 7 weeks in and what the hell is happening!!!
I geminated the seed and once it sprouted it’s 3rd set of leaves I planted it into a 10 gallon tote with top soil, potting soil and gravel for drainage. But read that I might have used to large of a container, so I re potted it into the pot you see in the pictures It’s being grown 100% outside. Watered by rain or me if we go to long without rain. Any suggestions, advice, direction would be greatly appreciated. IMG_20190717_192642705|374x500

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It looks like its flowering and gona be a hard nugget, for sum reason it got stunned , looks healthy tho, no sings of deficiency


I’m guessing the combination of spending too much time developing roots and transplant shock are up too much of its growing cycle. Then became old enough to start flowering.



First up, WELCOME TO ILGM and to our awesome community.

I’ve been growing for a long time and I believe this is the first time i’ve seen something like this. Auto plants are very touchy about stress and you may have stressed her to much by transplanting twice.


That is what I call a “One Hit Wonder”, literally…


Haha i have never seen such a small plant in full flower :smiley:

How did you do that?

I read like every subject there is, before going into this (just not about my own neutriant series :sweat_smile:)

General advise never transplant a auto :slight_smile:

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You can but once is plenty, while it’s still a seedling with 4 or 5 true sets of leave. After that no, no transplanting should be done.

Hopefully we see a BOM outta her!!!

Thank you for the acceptance into your community. It’s been very helpful so far.

As for my girl, is there anything I can do to correct the problem? Or do I just let it run its course? Will there be anything to smoke from it? Should I just start over? I have plenty of seeds left over

I’m located in the Southern part of East Tennessee, do I have time to get another plant growing in time to harvest before it gets too cold?

Reason I’m asking is because this one is… well I just don’t know.

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I’m not being funny but you may have a joint there maybe, i am in east tenn. And it’s to late to start now, but if you go inside hell ya go for it otherwise wait till next year or you can try and go for it b uit i’m not going to back that up