Can anyone tell me what's wrong with these leaves?

Hey everyone, I had a quick question regarding what is wrong with my plant! So, this plant I’m growing has been doing very well and the new leaves are looking amazing! Is there something I need to worry about for the future if these started turning yellow? This plant is sadly stuck in an outdoor grow room with no solid way to cool down the room yet, so it stays around 90-100 for a couple hours during the day (I’m going to fix that soon). Is that the issue? Please let me know and all the pictures are below!

Deep breath! She looks fine.

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Hahaha just making sure, thank you! @Myfriendis410

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I hear you. Time to roll one and enjoy the day haha.

Don’t obsess over your plants. They are hardy and forgiving as long as they have a few things. Over loving can be just as bad as ignoring it. Looks like you are doing things well.


The yellow leaves are feeder leaves. That is where seedlings get their nutrition from for the first few weeks of growing. When no longer needed by the plant, they will yellow out and die.

Don’t worry about that heat. Mine are thriving in higher temps. then that. As long as its not getting to much direct sun, which appears its not, it will be fine.

Plant looks great! Just keep doing whatever you have been!


Yes sir what @Rugar89 said . And in a week or two the plant will slow down growing for a week or so but the roots will be spreading out . They are still growing just below the dirt . Mine always stop at about that size for a bit . She looks very healthy good luck


Looking great! :+1:
As others have said those leafs are called the cotyledon leafs which are used during the seeding stage to feed the plant until its roots are established. Once the roots are established it can start taking up nutrients through the roots.
Some growers won’t start feeding nutrients until those small cotyledon leafs start yellowing like they are on yours.
So you could start giving your plants nutrients if you want.