Can anyone tell me what's wrong with these leaves? They're from a seedling

Should mention they’re in coco as well.

I would get those in a bigger pot right away. They will do fine after a transplant.


Dude! A Solo cup is good for only two weeks. You REALLY need to transplant.


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  • Light system
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I’m just guessing, but I’d say you can’t possibly get enough water to the plant with that small container.

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It is not possible to maintain the moisture and nutrient environment that a plant that size needs in a 16 oz solo cup.


Welcome! My first thoughts would be get the plant in a 5 gallon fabric pot. Clip the Dead Leafs cover the stem up a couple inches. And also lower your light you got a lot of stretching going on. couple weeks You won’t recognize the plant. Good luck.


Unless there is a reason your not able to move them into bigger pots like space issue etc potting up with fresh cannabis friendly soil in most cases fixes issues. You can leave them in those cups and fight the deficiency’s or simply pot them up and that most often does the trick.

And you do have a lot of stretching due to lights either not providing enough photons and or not the right spectrum for tight node spacing.


Being leggy and having no side branching can also be because of the roots not being able to spread out. So the plant wont allow itself to get wide. I run coco as well and I have no issues letting them ride in the cups for a few weeks. Just gotta water more often. Your coco has a ph issue and going to a bigger pot won’t just solve the problem. Just make sure your getting ample amount of runoff and make sure your ph is in check around 5.8 to 6.0

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Try trasplanting after you water while the coco is still wet. It helps hold everything together better :v::bear:


Well there is if there is…just realized you’re coco media…
You asked for help and we are trying to recommend things that we see that’s going on and seems that the consensus is to pot up regardless of root mass and proper Ph
There is a lot of above soil plant mass that needs fed and could be the soil in those cups have been depleted trying to keep up with top growth. If there is an issue with the top but you want to wait until the roots fill the cup then you’ll need to feed them nutrients when watering to supply them with what they need.
Up to you.

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About post number 135

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Sorry; caught some kind of bug and went back to bed.

The screen is held together by the cord wrap. I drilled holes to lace it through instead of screws n top for that reason. Any of the joints that pull apart vertically get a self-tapping screw. I can carry these around the yard without any problems. The cloth bags are zip-ties to the frame with a couple of small slits put in the four sides of fabric pot.

Hopefully you are getting them out of the Solo cups and into something more appropriate.

Based on the pictures you need more light than what they are getting. This is something that you can’t be budget minded on. If you have daytime sun then absolutely put em out in it but whatever sun they have been getting is totally inadequate.

This is more what I would expect from a 6 week old plant. That’s a 7 gallon. Plant went 4 1/2 months for this:

14 oz of flower in Promix (similar to coco)


That’s a sure sign of excessive watering.

If you want to grow little plants then that’s fine. I’m kind of calibrated for larger stuff. I’d prefer to pull 12 to 16 oz off an indoor plant. That said; a perpetual grow like you envision is the fastest way to produce flower. Personally I would look into an ebb and flow setup if that’s the direction you’d like to go. Root clones for 2 weeks then flip to flower.