Can anyone tell me what's wrong with my plant

So every night I out bags around my plants to keep the humidity in and I woke up this morning to thas.


Did they have those colors before or is all that from one night in bags?

Yea all in one night

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Yesterday it was fine

Looks like it may have gotten to hot.


Overall nice plant ! I suggest clip off the Dead Leafs from heat exposure . the leafs will not repair their self And personally I would leave the bag off. Good luck moving forward.

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Bag smothered it, should be OK

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Ok thank you guys.

Yeah no to humidity at this point. It’s the enemy and locking it in is like cooking them. Trust me I know. :joy:

Can any one tell me whats going on? Back in the beginning of June I noticed the curling starting and my other plant drooped my plants had stopped growing so I took pics and showed the local shop and she told me to test a few things I did still no results told me broad mites so she gave me the spray to take care of it over a small period of time that was supposed to attack the plant systematically told me 8 weeks then the poison will be out, that days today. But the entire time my plants curlled they started growing but I want to fix it im a week or two from flower and ive treid about everything.

It won’t upload the picture all the way

@Ginger420 Your best bet is to start a new topic, when you do tag someone by putting an @ in front of their handle like I did you at start of post.


Not sure how to start a thread, so i am jumping on this one.

I am in NY.

Can anyone tell me why my Platinum OG is flowering so early? I am afraid I will not yield very much.

@Js974lmno if it is an auto , it is doing its own thing! If it is a photo the light cycle has been shortened , and it is doing its thing!