Can anyone tell me what’s wrong with this guy

Ok so I just switched two plants to some lights I found in my kithchen that were metal halide, pretty small it’s light a panel of a bunch of little ones stretching across the room… I have two under the same exact conditions. One is absolutely thriving with the new lights, it was started 4 days after the other guy in the same light setup, but all other conditions were the same. I put the guy 4 days behind on the new lights 24 hrs earlier, and she caught up to the size of the other one in a day and a half almost. And is doing great with the lights, same distance and everything. But the guy who planted earlier but switched to the new lights a day later, I noticed after a day of being under the new lights his head basically tipped over to a 90 degree bend like if it were supercropping without injuring it. I did notice the guy I put there 24hrs later had an inchworm in the soil, don’t know how the other one doesn’t seem to have any insect problems, but they haven’t been close enough in a long time for me to be that worried about the bugs just jumping. The light pane extends light 30ft long so there far enough away for that I think at the moment. I am generally putting these two outside whenever it is sunny out, as they are nowhere near my indoor garden and I don’t have to worry about them contaminating that with anything. I’ll put some pics. I leaned up a paper clip to prop it up without cutting the plant.

Also, one side of the plant seems fine, like 1/4 if ur looking at it from a birds eye view, like the opposite of a Pac-Man is basically fine. Which made me think light burn but then again, I put the side that was good closest to the new lights for half a day n it’s still standing better then the rest. And the other guy 30ft away under the same light conditions is thriving. I’ll post more pics of the two plants after this… And the lights are equivalent in strength

The last photo is the one that’s Gucci under the same conditions… I opened the window to let cool air in but it hasn’t done anything in 5 hrs.

Nevermind the first one in that reply is the Gucci’ one. Idk it came out that order. Anyway it’s easy to tell which ones good n not

Here’s one last pic of the other side of the leaves cus there showing different spots then the ones on the side that still has the leaves pointing towards the light

Have u watered it?

Or when is the last time I should ask

Ya I’m actually currently letting it dry for another day or two from watering one day ago. I generally try n Change to 1x every 1-2 days at most to make sure the soil dries before I water again. Otherwise I get bad fungus flies everywhere

I meant to say I changed it to a watering schedule now I’m doing it every 1-3 days now that it’s a little bigger it was 1x 1-2 days for the first week or so.

Every other plant I have is doing great. And I’ve run into plenty of problems with the other guys that I have had to step in and fix to get them doing as good as they are now. But every other problem I’ve been able to figure out pretty quickly, this is tougher for me to identify cus not all the leaves are showing the same signs and symptoms

Looks like it needs water, or heat issues

I’m at work so I cant really diagnose, how much did you water last time?

To be honest I haven’t been measuring too carefully how much water for these two guys, theyr in different sized pots then all my other places, where there all in uniform sized containers. But I’m also pretty solid with eyeing not to overwater or under. Plus the leaves are really damp already not dry Luke paper like if it were light burn and dehydration. I’m not sure if it’s just lightburn combined with too much hydration or what. Obviously more humidity and hydration is guna leave the plant with more damp feeling leaves whereas underwatering it would be drier in the leaves. When u add light/heat stress under MH lamps if it was dehydrated I would expect the leaves to react a little differently then it has so far no?

It dowsnt look like overwatered, these look like they are underwater, or are having root problems. That’s a couple of the only reasons that a plant would be droopy and lifeless like this, unless heat was involved as well.

I cant really say your last and second pic look like watering/root problems, if you say you have fungus gnats that could be an issue, as they feed on the roots ect…

Ya the soil is definitely still damp from watering yesterday. I have had all my other plants on basically the same watering schedules at this point in their lives and again all my plants have gotten thru their sh** good… As well the guy who was planted the same week as him who was also watered yesterday ( the one I showed in the pics under the same light conditions but sprouted 4 days younger), I gave just slightly less too, maybe half a cup less and shes doing great.

And these lights are definitely producing heat cus their metal halide but they do have protective things to make sure heat doesn’t just pour off of them tho and I made sure the distance was good by leaving the other one just as close. So the light and heat conditions are exactly the same for the one that’s thriving down on the other end of room

Maybe one of them could be reacting to the heat differently then the other?

I do have an additional side led, going on each plant also equivalent in strength, but I added the led side light about half a day after putting the original plant under the metal halide light fixture. So by the time I added the led maybe it had a little more time to adjust. Although leds don’t really produce significant Heat

I know that’s a lot of info there…, I couldn’t figure it out with the symptom combinations I was searching for anywhere tho, so I figured best to ask what people thought here

Do you have a thermometer / hydrometer in the room?

So it’s about 50% humidity 72 Fahrenheit

With low n high for the day having been between 66-79 Fahrenheit. I never noticed that much change throughout the past 36-48 hrs but I’ve been gone during the past 2 days during the hottest hours

So ya I mean I don’t think it got that high today here and if it did it was only for an hour or two. It’s still relatively cool where I live right now outside. Pretty ideal temp for marijuana to thrive in I think. The place where they’re at has a good amount of windows and sunlight so the environment is definitely pretty fair.