Can anyone tell me what’s going on with these lower leaves & how to get ahead on fixing it?

(3) GSC Extreme Autoflowers 7 weeks old

AcInfinity 2x4x72 all in one grow tent
Lights 100w Bloom & Ac Infinity s24 200w
Ac infinity Humidifier
No dehumidifier

Pro-mix HP

Gaia green 4-4-4
Gaia green 2-8-4
Gaia green glacial rock dust
Gaia green worm castings
Epsom Salt
Organic Unsulfured Blackstrap molasses
Fish Shit

Last feeding was 08/04/23
I topdressed with 5 tbsp 4-4-4, 5 tbsp 2-8-4, 2 tbsp rock dust for each 5 gal fabric pot.

I use recharge every third watering, I use Fish Shit every watering. I have watered with molasses once so far.

I always ph to 6.4-6.5 I don’t water till run-off, just a good thorough watering. Watering every 2-3 days, depending on weight of pot.
I have not checked run-off but check my ppm’s when I water with the supplements, like recharge in the FS, ppm’s usually around 270-290. Also when should I topdress again, like 30 days after last one?
This is my first grow and wasn’t sure how serious this issue is and would really appreciate any advice from more seasoned growers.
Thanks again and here are some pics. :blush:

Your plants looks healthy. Don’t worry about the lower leaves. It is normal for the plants to shed them as they mature.

I wouldn’t use both. Pick one and use as directed. Overuse of microbes can harm your plants.

Feed as necessary to maintain a runoff PPM of ~1,000.


Agreed ^^ your girls look great.


Like @MidwestGuy mentioned the plant looks normal and healthy. The lower/inner leaves will slower die off come maturity. Kinda like self thinning in a way.
When it aimed to nutrients sometimes less is best. :slight_smile:
Happy farming…


Thanks guys, I really appreciate it! Okay i will stop using the Fish Shit and continue with the re-charge.

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I know in flower i give 7 tbsp 2-8-4 and 3 tbsp of 4-4-4

How often do you re-amend? In another week I’ll be at a month since last topdress. I don’t want to topdress too late into flower. I don’t really know how long these GSC autos will take to finish out so I’d like to feed at the best time before any deficiencies start and also have all the nutes pretty much depleted by harvest time. Thanks danniep40!

You know it takes about 2 weeks for the amendments to break down in soil to usable nutrients i feed every 3 to 4 weeks


I will definitely do another top-dress at the amount you recommended at 3 wks then. Thank you man.