Can anyone tell me if these are ready?

Are these ready to cut and dry? This is my first time growing

Bottom ones getting close, I always tell everyone once you start seeing the bud leaves start dying you have to harvest within the next 4-5 days,
Second way is the tiny white hairs on the buds turn a cloudy white and the tips you will see little balls on the ends anytime after you see this it’s ready
How long have they been flowering for?

Weeks and weeks. I’m thinking maybe about 5-6 weeks. But I’m growing outside in a greenhouse and taking them in the pitch black dark for 12 hours at night, so I figured it would take longer.


Keep taking care of them you still got a few weeks to go I still see a lot of white hairs. Buds will get a lot more dense and fatten up the last couple weeks


Thank you

Yeah, you have another 2-3 weeks


Exactly right. You have weeks to go with a lot of bulking up to do. As long as you have white pistils and no active foxtails you are building flower. Keep the P and K going to the plants and be patient.

4 to 6 weeks is a good guess.


I agree, you have ways to go yet.

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