Can anyone tell me if im ready to harvest or not


Still have a few weeks. Lots of white hairs and clear trichomes…


Hey man I agree with @Borderryan22 wait until all those white pistols turn orange then cut tricomes, at least a couple weeks if not more. Looking awesome tho, keep up the good work brother :+1:


Thank for all the help, this is my first grow and just learning as i go.


I’m willing to bet you got at least another month. And looking really good :+1::+1: :v::call_me_hand:

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What strain is it was that say for flower cycle looks like Nicole looks like he may be having 7 to 10 days but I would do is get it as cool as possible as low as that air conditioning can possibly go Shut off one of your lights and don’t water them do a flush and then stop watering them Is then check tri combs use a lighted Is jewelers loop Should be about a 3rd of them should be Brown and the rest should be cloudyThen you’re gonna want to take 3 large containers fill them with water preferably filtered water 1st one you’re gonna want to use baking soda and lemon juice 50 to 1 You’re gonna want to cut the whole plant down you’re gonna want to dunk it up-and-down into that container half A-day that container half a dozen times you’re gonna see bugs you’re gonna see all sorts of crap dirt everything comes out of it and then you’re gonna double renis in the other 2 And then you’re never gonna wanna use unwashed flour again When you see what comes off of it The trick is you want to keep it as cool as possible because there is a ton of a ton of turpines that get lost between 60 and 70゚ Can make the difference of a one and a 1/2 2% European content all the way up to now you could 4 and a 1/2 percent terpins Now remember you’re gonna only be part of the way through the process now comes the cure and dry No direct air cool is possible Do you have a decent AC unit in your tent should have a demon humidifier but you’re gonna be wanting one of those And it should be a 7 to 10 day drive you don’t want to do it any sooner than 7 days so if they start getting dry really fast you wanna back the temperature you wanna bring the temperature up and shut off the humidifier you rapid dry them you lose a lot of flavor make a real harsh Then you’re gonna want to cure for a minimum of 12 weeks if you want nice smooth smoke Don’t listen to anybody about anything you have to use the tricones that is the try calls that’s the most tried true consistent method method and each strain has a flower cycle they follow close to those within a couple days really it’s pretty hard to manipulate that was environment I have been growing for almost 20 years I have been growing commercially for over 10 I consult at grows across country Just looking at your plans it’s gotta have a grand daddy purp as one portion of it those are allways 8 weeks
You got any more questions let me know nice job is your 1st time The reason with the dark and mccool is you just wanna assume you’re late fall basically because I’m assuming those are photoperiotic plants because all of flowers don’t look like that plus the fact I’ve seen them flower when they’re 3" tall it’s weird thingThis is kind of the top of a banana Kush in my last consult here I was able to get him a yield of 52 pounds out of 71 plants indoors

I was on a ladder taking those photos I was on a ladder taking those photos Is post plans were close to 9’ Is those plants were close to 9’ tall 100 gallon potsThose photos were taken at about 6 and a 1/2 weeks Other good thing to do is when you throw the lights out for 48 hours as go to the grocery store and get as much dry ice as you can you can and put it in the dark whistles and just letting you evaporate it turns to co2 carbon dioxide it leaves 0 mess It’s OK to take a piece in sample turning oven on as low as it’ll go put it in there for a few minutes so I can stride out a little bit and you can sample it it’s gonna be hard is for last 16 weeks If you poped seeds That should give you everything you need to finish During oh shit I forgot during drying after you wash you’re gonna want to take off all the big leaves Leave the sugar leaves on it makes for a slower dry easier to control if you see them not drying as fast as you need you can go ahead and just go on the 10th and uh trim some of the sugar leaves they should catch up to where they need to be Actually for every dinner because it’s so easy to really mess up your flower and it’s much harder to drive when you got it all jacked up Answer trim I like to take a piece of strange hang it from the ceiling with a clip on the end of it just clipped the stem on to a hang it right in front of your chair and you can spinner it around move it however you need to do it and turn off the sugar leaves and you can put a tray underneath you to catch anything That comes off during trimming Don’t wear gloves because you can make finger hash pash you just take your fingers and roll them back-and-forth every time they get full of stuff and then just get a piece of wax paper and put the little balls on it and you’re good to goI should really take it to the endGood luck and happy growing

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I am sorry I didn’t catch all that BS with the voice typing I apologize but you can kind of get the gist of it I mean You want to dry them as slow as possible unless your an experienced trimmer always leave sugar leaves on if u mess up wett trimming its hard to dry little pieces And if you turn off all the sugar They can get dry like crazy fast I’d like to take just a like 150 ft³ a minute centrifugal fan and put it on floor of tent Through one of the openings exaust out only fan needed i use string growtwine hang it using wood clothes pins
Stem shoud crack alittle but not break like a moist popsicle stick When you get done eating one bend part that was covered with a popsicle should be very simmilar feeling And rather than using hydrometer i get 55% BOVDAS 14-18 DAYS SWITCH TO 69% ONLY SMALL ONES IF USING LARGE MOUTH MASON JARS C VAULTS ARE BEST BUT EXPENSIVE