Can anyone tell me about how close I am to harvest (first timer)


Can anyone tell me about how close I am to harvest (first timer)


Pretty damn close. Your plant looks great! I’ll leave the timing of the harvest up to the experts!



You are getting close. However; You judge when to harvest by how far along and the color of the trichomes. There are 3 stages in Trichome development.

  1. Clear - The vessel that contains THC.
  2. Cloudy - Evidence of THC being produced
  3. Amber - THC is starting to deteriorate.

Most folks like to harvest when the Trichomes are 1/3 clear, 1/3 cloudy, 1/3 amber.

Others like 50% cloudy/50% amber

The more amber color; The more of a medicinal or couch lock, sleepy affect/

The higher the clear/cloudy concentration is a more “up” high, or happy times high.


Judge your ending time as Latewood explained . You can also cut three buds in each stage and determine which one is better . Get you a jewels loop at 60X or stronger to look at the resin trichomes . It’s the little bubbly things that look like salt or sugar sprinkle on the plant and very crystal looking and sticky .


What do you mean “cut 3 buds in each stage”, Sorry new to this. Thanks


You will need a jeweler loop 60X or more . Cut one bud while they clear , cut one bud when they milky , cut one bud when they Amber , dry them and see which stage of cutting is better for you .


So you can do that. I thought it would shock the plant to remove any buds. So I don’t have to hank the whole plant at once. Thanks for your reply


Yeah , you can harvest the buds in different stages .


Back up here!!!

Sorry friends. Bad advice above; Or; Rather; Incomplete advice…

Once you find the trichomes in the stage of maturity described; You could take an early bud to see if you liked clear/cloudy, better than cloudy/amber. This does not mean to chop off buds, to see when you like the results.

Do not just clip buds as plant enters finish, merely for the purpose of “trying it out”. You will harm the plants over all quality

So; graphixcafe, You are right. Is is not good to just remove buds. :slight_smile:


I always in reference state I’m no expert , and the question they ask is merely base on the growers decision . Self experience is the best teacher regardless of what’s ask , but by no means Latewood I suggest anyone to do as I say , it’s they own decision . That’s why I read first , decide , than get a second opinion , and even after the second opinion , whomever still has to make a choice ?


latewood, it seems the top buds are almost ready, but the ones under it going down the stem, seem to have very white pistols still, does that matter, will tricomes be the same on the whole plant…HELP


You just have to be patient. :slight_smile: