Can anyone sex this

What do y’all think about his photo


That is an excellent photograph of your female cannabis plant.


I concur. @merlin44


Yup proud papa or mama of a lil girl!
I had one that looked like yours and I only found 1 calayx like yours on the entire plant all the way through flowering.

When she first sprouted I left her in 16/8 for a few weeks.
Also gave her higher humidity and lower temps. The growers bible said these things help to determine sex.

I know I got lucky. But it doesn’t help to try

Almost guaranteed to be female when a random one-or-two-off seed comes from a female grow.

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What this grow bible? Yes, you would think being written by who it is written by it wouldn’t have that kind of rubbish in it. That is a good book for 101 getting started. The people on this site will take you to the next level, and teach you methods in multiple ways of growing and the right way to do it.

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So your saying that those things don’t help determine sex?
What’s your source of info?

@Bluemm what I mean is why don’t you believe that?