Can anyone sex this plant or not far enough?

As title states, not sure if a lady or not

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I believe that’s the start of a calyx on the bottom, but it’s a little early to be 100% i think you’re looking at the start af the little branches

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I was believing that as well but a grower bud that used to work at dispencery farms said it looked like a boy, he also was shocked when I told him it was 33 days old lol

I circled what I’m thinkin is a tiny calyx shown in the illustration I posted and they are calling the branches I mentioned growth tips. Watch the little thing I circled it will have a couple white hairs grow out of it. But if it grows more round without the hair like the other side of the illustration it’s a boy
Good luck :sunglasses::evergreen_tree:

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This could be one as well


Tight pics! What are you working with?

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This is a Super Silver Haze that I started December 1st

I have 9 more of those seeds, luckily had a friend that used to grow at a dispensary come by and gave me two GG#4 autos of one phenotype (wasn’t said),one of which I dropped tonight, 2 more GG#4 autos of another phenotype, 22 sherbalato regs and like 48 ‘mystery’ seeds

My daughter works at a dispensary and I get alot of seeds from her, she gets em from different licensed state growers that have their own genetics going not available for public purchase. I like to grow with reg seeds I think you get a more pure genetic plants with almost no chance of a hermaphrodite. Unless you are trying to make one for fem seeds. You just have to face the fact that you will work hard on some plants just to burn them in the backyard firepitt

Nice looking plant perfect shape :ok_hand: I love it

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