Can anyone provide any insight on this issue and how to keep plants healthy and bugs and fungus away without ruining your plants and flower?

I am growing some spares outside of my tent, and I know that little bugs might be an issue, I have already seen one that I got on one of them. My plants are just young, most just past sproutlings. I ordered the pesticide and fungicide as seen below, and in every review for all of these pesticides there are review of these pesticides burning their cannabis plants for the most part. Some people say it makes their bud just taste horrible. Can anyone provide any insight on this issue and how to keep plants healthy and bugs and fungus away without ruining your plants and flower?

Lay down some DE around your plants and on the surface of your soil. Its not guaranteed to keep em off but it will help alot.

Search IEP for Cannabis should give you lots of options.
Be sure to reach out here on the boards before you buy anything though, some stuff is useable only during sertain times. Not DE though.

@PurpNGold74 might have more to add.


I tried coffee grounds, do you think that works to the same effect?

My experience with coffee grounds is mycological. Great mold food. Dont know if you can use them to rid yourself of bugs, or prevent them for that matter.

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Hmm, that is interesting. That sounds bad. You would think it would be good, it has a bunch of different things in it. It caused mold?

No, it is however a preffered food source for fungus.
Molds need 3 things to grow. Moist environment, above 60%rh. High Co2, Stillness, no circulation of air. Lastly a food source.


Hmm, well I have amazing air circulation. Which is one of the areas strong points. It smells like it should really bring them to life. I am going to keep trying to coffee beans just to see what it is like. But, I just ordered that stuff that you suggested and I do really appreciate that. I think that is the answer that I was looking for.

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DE works good! It cuts up their endoskeleton and then the bugs dry out and die.


That is awesome! Can’t wait to try it out, should be here in the morning tomorrow.

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Food Grade DE is an excellent pest deterrent. Its like fine shredded glass for eggs. That helps eliminate one of the growth stages. It is obvs food grade and wont effect your plants (may make ur soil tough tho). But do NOT breathe it in.

Ive found when fighting pests, attacking each level of growth is the way to go.

Eggs/larvae/and adults.

First step is identify. Sticky traps are super helpful at catching one or 20 for identification.

Then the Food Grade DE for the eggs/larva.

The adults, there are a million ways to skin that cat. Most effective is determined by what kind of pest. But deterrences include: predator pests (eat the plant harmers, think lady bugs), Captain Jacks Bug Spray (SUPER helpful, some growers use it preventatively), homemade mixtures (not as effective overall but there are ones that work), and ive recently begun using silica throughout veg. It forms stronger cell walls which forms stronger overall structure. Plus some pests dislike the taste so double win.

Thanks for the tag Doc