Can anyone please help identify?

My neighbor has some outdoor plants and we found this yesterday. Should he be worried and what exactly is it…I’ve been told hemp borer or lead roller?

Also I found these spots on my girls.
Are they from the few fungus gnats that I can’t get out of my house due to a crawlspace issue, or do you guys think it could be where i mixed and used a light cal mag spray the other day.

Any info appreciated!!

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@Lacewing @Caligurl @LiesGrows @Borderryan22 if anyone knows, its these folks!


I do not lnow what that is sorry hopefully someone else will chime in


It does look like something got splashed on it.

The bug looks like a white grub but they aren’t usually found on the leaves. I suppose it could be a borer but they are not usually white like that but also could be a vine weevil larvae.

Put it in a jar with a few leaves and see what it turns into :woman_shrugging:


@Stellarjae Did it come off the ground or tree or plants


@Caligurl ahhh that’s a good idea…I’ll have to try that if we find another we got rid of that one. And after we unrolled the leaf to see inside it had some kinda sticky stuff inside as well.

@Reed71 it was wrapped up in a fan leaf on the plant like it was making a cocoon but with the leaf.


It’s some kind of moth larvae of some kind get rid of everyone you see my friend happy growing they do eat leaves

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