Can anyone identify whats wrong with this plant?

18 days ago I brought home 5 scrawny clones and started my first grow - outdoor. I had the remnants of some very old, like 3 years old, Miracle Grow Moisture Control potting mix that I used to transplant them in. 3 went into plastic containers and two went into clay. The plastic containers get water every 3 days, the clay every two days. I feed every other day. 4 of the 5 seem to be pretty happy. I’m even seeing roots start to appear on one the bottom of one of the clay pots. I can’t figure out what’s wrong with Blue Dream who is in a plastic pot. 3 days ago I did realize my tap water is pH8 and have started adjusting. I usually have a fan blowing lightly on them to keep them from baking, keep bugs off and strengthen the stalks. So everybody gets treated pretty much the same

How far is your lights from plant. She’s got a bunched node structure

It looks like that because it’s a clone.

This is probably THE worst choice for soil you could get. You are currently suffering from nute burn and likely lockouts. That’s a phosphorus def brought on by out of whack soil conditions. Until you pot into something more appropriate you will have problems and they’ll only get worse.


They look to have nutrient burn. You may be over feeding since they haven’t developed much of a rooting system yet.

Thank You! I have a bag of FFOF, FFHF, 7gal of #3 Perlite some Azomite and Garden Lime already mixed to transplant into 7gal grow bags. Was going to wait one more week for the transplant but maybe I should do it now?

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Get em out of that soil before they die. That’s your best bet.

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I made the same mistake with mg. They were only in it for a week or so.

Transplanted them and they recovered just fine.

Yep, got them out of the MG and they’ve been real happy campers!