Can anyone identify this plant?

Can anyone Identify this plant? I bought an Auto Mixpack of OGK and JCK and one of the plants looks nothing like the others that came up. Look at the pics![IMG_1234|374x500](upload://


Be easy on me here I know this is a dumb question

Nope. Its near impossible to tell the difference by looking. Let alone looking thru a picture. The OGK is 75% indica while the Jack is 60% sativa. Also… when smoking Kush (especially OG, bubba, and other ‘flashy named’) ones are unmistakable. Its a nice citrusy earthy funk. Like skunk or diesel just less pronounced but everybit of potent. May have to wait for a dry and cure and smoke. If u need help taste testing… :joy::rofl::joy:

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I’m going out on a limb here, but this strange looking plant might be a relative of Humulus lupulus (hops for bittering and flavoring beer). Okay, I’m joking around :grin:. Base on the limited view of the plant structure I’m going to guess – OGK. I say this although I’ve never grown JCK (Jack Herer?).

Which means that the difference in fan leaves might tell you. Unless it is a random strain that is none of the above advertised strains.

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Thanks @Whodat66 :joy::joy: never said look at the leaves. But also hybrids r notorious for showing weird phenos… best way to be sure? Lets roll 2 blunts of each.

Thanks all. sorry for the dumb question but I am a newbe. I have had both OGK and JCK plants come up and this plant looks nothing like the ones that have already come up. Just wanted to make sure I’m not growing poison Ivy or something…HA.

O nah. She is defo reefer. U should see the cabbage looking seedling ive seen on here. Those girls come out funky looking sometimes. Since u have a few of each ull be able to group them better later. No rush eh

I’m pretty sure it’s a marijuana plant :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


:ashamed: Hmmm, no emoji for that LOL

We were all wondering who would be the first to succumb to the pressure :rofl:

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Nailed it!!!

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I don’t care what anyone says , everything grown on Maui was MauiWaui :clown_face:
I was there :call_me_hand:t4:

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I wish I had some Maui Wowie seeds. My whole basement would be a grow !


My friends parents would let them grow in 5 gal buckets “As long as the plants weren’t in the ground the police couldn’t take the house” First time I ever have mason jars full of pot :clown_face: