Can anyone identify this bug?

Been doing good so far this as far as pests. No problems so far.
These things just started showing up. Quite a few.
Looked at a bunch of pics but couldn’t find anything.

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Looks like a mosquito to me :man_shrugging:t3:

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Id have to agree with mosquitoes do you have any standing water around your yard or area i know they are horrible rite now and every where in my area

I guess it could be a mosquito. From the ones I’ve seen around this area they are much smaller. (And I’ve never actually looked at one that close).
These are about the size of a fly but much thinner.
If they are something bad I want to take care of it quick.

If your outside which it looks like you are and your in a pot not the ground I’ve seen some guys top with either some clay pebbles or I think maybe sand. Mosquitoes will breed in a moist soil so that eliminates that. Although someone may chime in and give you a definitive answer on the bug and might not even be a mosquito :joy:

Mr. Mosquito guaranteed.

Looking at pics of mosquitoes they certainly have the body style. They come in different colors.
Never seen any that big before.
They are not a problem, just started showing up.
Thought they might be something looking for a new dining spot.
Had caterpillars last year and didn’t see them until way to late. Lost a lot.
Staying on top of it this time.