Can anyone identify my issue?

Hello, I started my seeds on May 1. They were growing indoors fabulously and were healthy and green. I dropped the ball during a surgery recovery and work schedule. My 5 gallon felt “pots” seemed to only be 3 gal and the plants became root bound. We have since planted them in our garden. super soil, mush compost added yearly. Now this…

Our strains are ak-47, white widow, white widow CBD, bubblegum, bruce banner.


Welcome to the community. Waitem out and watch new growth. They look strong.

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I’m definitely no pro, but you planted those outside? Looks like maybe some insect nibbles? I’m sure someone with more experience than i will chime in

She looks hungry to me


Lower, older leaves get funky sometimes, whats the ph and tds of the soil you planted em in? Do a slurry. Get equal parts soil (from at least 2 inches below top soil) and distilled water. (I do 1 tblsp water and 1 tblsp soil) mix the two and shake or mix for 1 min) let sit for 15 mins then ph and tds resulting solution. This will tell you if its in range and what kinda nute count you have.

sure of no bugs, plants are pale and yellowing. Lanky and skinny. They are auto flower but seem way behind. Our cod and bruce banner flowered super early and only got about 12" high. Big buds but signs of bud rot so we clipped them and are hoping they were far enough along to have some potency.

I guess I’ll have to purchase a ph tester to see.

Bud rot no no no do not smoke any infected buds you can become seriously ill you can try I peroxide bud wash but I don’t think it would help

I took off all of the buds that showed rot.

The very lower yellowing leaves appear to be a natural progression but the ones above those lead me to think a nutrient deficiency like nitrogen. What and how much are you feeding and the PH of your nutrient mix? Send a few overall pics :love_you_gesture:

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This does not mean the issue is resolved mold can progress quickly and deeper within buds I would not smoke that but that’s just me

Problem with rot is if you didn’t open up every single bud and I mean every single one, more than likely you didn’t get it all. I would toss. My health is more important than smoking some shady bud. Just something to think about.

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Thank you for all your comments. I will not be using any of the infected buds. Sad but from the concerns you all had it wasn’t worth the risk. My friends husband will not be heeding this advice so for his sake I hope I discarded enough of the problem areas. :woman_shrugging:t3:

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