Can anyone help please this is my first ever plant of any kind

@Niala @Nug-bug . thanks. I flushed her and got PH down to 5.88 but i am still worried . I will post pictures later on this evening. By then am hoping i can see some more change but for the better. Its defo a deficiency and am not sure what to do now she been flushed but i am worried tht i will lose her. Which would be a large percentage of my grow since av only got 2 her size and one at about 1wk old aswell. Had to have a back up plant going incase this happened .


Thanks for asking sorry i didnt get straight back to you i am new to all this and i have a couple of issue i was getting to the bottom of.

I’m nervous. First time. I was so excited it is soon as they came and put them in the paper towel and little tadpole come out and then I just put them in regular soil with miracle grow it’s been three days and I don’t see anything they are autoflowering seed. should I put them outside with my other plants

I Only did five I have 10 more I’m assuming based on the blogs that you can’t grow all year long inside including the winter so should I go ahead and plant the remainder of the season that I have for this season feel like I found a family