Can anyone help out a noob ? Trim off older fans?

Title says it all

Not sure if these fans towards the bottom can be cut off safely at this point
I’m really flowering hard on this plant and don’t know enough to know if those fans that are curling down are being used by the plant or are used up ? And now taking energy away from flowering sites ?

Thanks for any help
I don’t really believe this is any type of health or deficiency I’m sure it’s just the plants life process as the flowers and plant over all seem extremely healthy to me

Just trying to see from someone who knows if it’s safe to and should be removed thanks

You can trim them but I would rather try and figure out why they are wilting first… That clay pot only has one drain hole so it is possible that its overwatered at the roots. Not much you can do to add drainage but maybe add some Recharge, Great White or something to help the roots.

Just a guess…

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I think it’s root bound as it is really 2 plants in one pot
The pot is plastic not clay …although it does look like clay

I have also drilled holes like so but thatvwas a long time ago

I’m thinking I’m too far into flower to transplant now
But also the plant wants water everyday
It’s very light at the moment like it needs water

Just don’t wanna ruin my grow
It’s flowering nicely
Wondering if I should risk transplanting it this late

@Nicky what do you think about transplanting at this stage? Personally, I wouldn’t have a problem doing it but you just have to be very, very careful. That’s just me though.


Thanks for tagging others in
I am confident I can transplant it …
Like very carefully

I just don’t wanna freak the plant out
Ive never crossed this bridge before
Actually never had a female plant this far along before

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Would you think it’s smart to use a 10 gallon fabric pot ?
The one it’s in now is prob about 4 gallons

No stores near me have them but Amazon can be here tomorrow

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Ive done it once before but it’s not needed if you have fertilizer, just feed it and watch your ppm. It’s in flower so. Roots won’t grow significantly anymore. Growth including root growth happens in veg.


Thank you …I thought I’d be ok as long as I keep up with feeding it

I have FF big bloom and tiger bloom
I also have ff cal mag and sometimes I feed it h202

The dropping leaves ? Should I 86 them or let them be

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Thanks to everyone that helped
I’ve decided to chug along as is
@Deez on another post
And @Caligurl and @Nicky

All your input was much appreciated

Love having a place to go before making any decisions to get others input

Thank you

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Also woke up to this this morning

On patrol

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You can 85 all leagues about 1/4 the way up the plant and then thin out any leafs blocking bud sites. Buds need light to grow


Hold your horses there cowgirl. Don’t change any thing at this stage. You can think about the next grow, but I wouldn’t transplant this one.

Water to runoff at least once a week.

It probably does…


Lol thank you for the advice
This cowgirl held her horses for sure …
Gonna finish her out as is …and keep a close eye on her !!