Can anyone help identify this

Hi everyone. Can someone please help me identify if I have mold starting or bugs or just the natural process of leaves dying off. These have been given nutes once a week and watered without once a week (so watering twice a week). Sprayed with neem oil or jacks once to twice a week. These are just a few sporadic leaves. It’s ak47 in coco under fluorescent lights. 3rd week in flower with 12/12

Guess I should have added- how can I treat whatever it is?

Maybe wind burn are the effected leafs directly in front of fan? I’m not entirely sure wait for someone else to take look as well

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Yeah they kind of are. I have two fans blowing on both sides. Maybe I need to turn them down a little.

Looks to me like the start of phosphorus deficiency in first pics and the last one looks like potassium deficiency.
Both could be related to the PH being out of range.
I don’t grow in Coco medium but do have some of it in my mix.
Not sure what nutrients your using. If your growing organic I may be able to help. If your using chemical nutrients I’m not but am sure others can help.

Doesn’t look like wind burn to me

Thanks. I’m using fox farms nutes. The grow big, tigers blood and big bloom. I’m also mixing cal-mag in each time I use nutes. I’m keeping my PH around 5.0-5.5.

5.0 , 5.5 is way too low. coco they say sweet spot is 5.8pH. I do better at 6.2pH. ph that low will for sure lock ur plants out. Flush those plants with clean pH water and get them back up then give them a full feeding and watch them Heal


Thanks. Let me ask you this- should I flush them and then wait a few days to
Add nutrients back? Thanks again

I feed right after I flush.

Thanks. We are in the midst of a hurricane right now and they are out back in a shed. Lots of humidity in the air so I think I’m going to let the dehumidifier run for today and dry things out a bit and then add nutes back tomorrow. Unless anyone else thinks that’s a bad idea? Thanks everyone for your help. What a great resource.