Can anyone explain this? New growth while in late flowering

I do not recall ever seeing this before. Some history first. I germinated two Black Widows at the same time. The only difference was when the seedlings went into their first pots,(solo cup size). One of the stems looked stretched and light colored. I planted that root ball in the bottom of that pot, and the other one on top of the pot. They are in Roots original soil and 5 gallon fabric bags. Now that they are starting into the 8th week of flowering, and they look like identical twins.
But the one with the deep root ball is about a week behind the other as far as maturity goes. But it is also growing new growth from the main stalk at the 10th branch and on the next two from the bottom. The other plant is not doing this.
Its like the plant is telling me that it is getting ready to reveg. I am thinking about doing just that, this may be a good trait to have in a plant.
Any thoughts on whether this is genetics or caused by environmental conditions?
Check out the new branch coming out from where the old fan leaf stump is, now one really took me by surprise! In the second and third pic.

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Not sure if foxtailing could start like this?
Someone here is sure to have an answer for you

Thanks for the reply. I was starting to feel lonesome here.
The buds show no signs of foxtailing, and when I had foxtail in the past I never remember this.
The node that i mentioned earlier, has produced five spouts from it; one the fan leaf, two the regular side branch, 3&4 the ones coming out of the calyxes on the sides, and 5 the surprising sprout at where the fan leaf was.
I just never seen weed behave like this before. If there is no downside to this trait. It maybe a great trait for smaller plants, given you have the knowledge needed to breed it into them.

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I’m not 100% sure this is a reveg. I’ve had reveg and it was growth at the buds…. Let me see if I can find a picture… it’s hard to see but you can see the growth from the buds.

@beardless @BigItch @merlin44 hi guys, could you help Ickey with this. :blush:

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I just tagged a few pros

I don’t find this bizarre at all. I clean the whole bottom of my plants in flower. Not just once several times. New growth is common in a healthy plant. the older the plant seems to play a factor as well tending to grow even more veg growth.
Now I say this thinking you don’t have light leaks or a wacky light schedule.


Same, I’m constantly having to clean the bottom growth. Keeps coming back. It’s just a sign of good light penetration


They will get new growth from where u have cleared it and it will start to make a bud there you can just remove it if u want to


Thanks all.
The light thing makes sense, I have been more aggressive with the defoliation on this grow, and also using t5 side lighting with a mix of one 10k finisher bulb to three 3k on each side.
I think that I will try and reveg it and see how well these little spouts do it that. It maybe better to reveg from the larger existing branches, let’s see. I just never seen a plant so willing to do this, where it is happening.
I think I am starting to remember that years ago The Phototon advertised the ability to grow multiple buds from a single node. Shows how old I am!

Better off starting a new seed. The regeneration of a harvested plant takes much longer than just starting a new plant. It needs to recover from the stress of harvest then needs to go through the reveg process.


Exactly unless it’s a stain you can’t live without why bother.
A better option would be to clone it if you’re impressed. This will also tell you if it willing to grow as you say.

I agree, the reveg is somewhat of a waste of time, but who hasn’t wasted time on a relationship.
I used to reveg years ago in order to get clones from favorite plants. I found that if you leave enough vegetation on it to insure it stays alive. You end up with hundreds of shoots that need to be trimmed, before it can go again. I never had much luck cutting clones from budding plants.
Here is my present situation, after harvest of a Skywalker OG at the end of last month. There was a little bud growing out of the bottom branch close to the main stalk. Since my seedling tent was empty, I thought what the heck give it a shot at reveg. I told the wife about it and said that it will never work since so much material was removed from it. She took an interest in this underdog, and ask about it often, also she wanted to see it. Well the damn thing started growing new growth after 5 days of 24 hours light.
Since the wife is anxious for us to start spending time in our RV. I am thinking I can use this reveg thing to convince the wife we need to invest in one of those AutoPot systems, so things can take care of itself while we go camping.