Can anyone diagnose whats tearing my outdoor plant leaves up

Hey all i have 3 outdoor plants 3 of each different strain, Dos si dos 33, White rhino, And gorilla Zkittles. Their all the same age . This is their first week of flowering nutes added into my veg compost tea, i slowly bring my bloom nutes in instead of just switch,

if you cant see the holes in the leaves let me know and ill try for better pics

It looks like a leafhopper
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Tis the season. I am dealing with caterpillars. I hope you don’t mind but I thought this would be a good opportunity to raise awareness for outdoor growers. Check your plants carefully. Although I looked for damage and the presents of critters, I missed them at first.

It doesn’t take long for them to do real damage. I had to remove 20-25% of flowering stems.

thank you very much! ill inspect em asap and look for possible pest deterrents for leafhoppers

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Captain Jacks dead bug? I think thats the name I hear thrown around when it comes to bug spray.

Yes; that and ‘Safer Caterpillar Killer’.

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thanks guys! my babes are in 30 gal smart pots , im moving them from deep woods to a little more feildish terrain into a scrog set up , my current area grew in thicker than expected and their not getting optimal sun . Hopefully that will decrease the attacks too ill get a bottle of captain jacks ASAP

The little green caterpillars can be dealt with pretty easily with BT, simply mix according to the directions on your product and spray the whole plant, repeat weekly for the duration of your grow as its harmless to humans.

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Thanks. I couldn’t remember what the alternative to spinosad was. I was thinking BTA or E


The picture with the dots on the leaf are leafhoppers. The worm that you dug out is a pulpa of the bore beatle. I had them one time. I dug the larva out and saved the rest of the plant. The bore beatle lives in the ground by the roots. It has a way of going all the way up and down your plants and can detect what is the middle of the stalk. They make a hole and lay the egg in the stalk. The larva eats its way up to the top as it grows eating the soft center of the stalk. As they get more mature, they go down the stalk and live in the root until next year when they emerge to start the process again. Diatomaceous earth is the answer.

will diatomaceous earth answer the leaf hopper issue as well?

It’s not the best for that, i have used it with some success. My go to is Spinosad. Absolutely the best and you can use it every day whenever. It killed the leafhoppers on contact and if not, it softens the back shell causing them to die. You can use up to 1 week before harvest. When you spray spinosad, it’s like the biblical exodus.

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I have the same thing and I think it’s these bastards

I can’t keep the thrips and white flies off my buds.
As soon as they start to ripen up here they come, and you can’t see them because they’re under the leaves, and leave their excrement on top. I would’ve never saw them if not for that.

i just bought a bottle of rtu monterey b.t. we have the same thing just grabbed one of those lottle buggers myself ill let you know if it safely does the trick

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I can’t find a way to create a new topic, so i will borrow this :slight_smile:

What’s this on leaves? Found the same trails on multiple plants outdoor. It looks like something ate the upper part of leaf and left poop on it… Didn’t see any caterpillars or similar on plants.

Thanks. This could be it indeed. Luckily im 2 weeks before harvest, so removing affected leaves should do the trick.

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