Can anyone diagnose my plant pls


Welcome ! good place to start would be water to run off and check your pH .

Run off is 6.8 ppm was 350 …soil is 1 part coco 1 part promix 1 part perlite 1 part manure sheep and shrimp…rh is 40 50 and I run 600 watt hps and 500 watt led …water I use is crystal rock ph is about 6.5 avarage …I run 20 gallon smart pots



Really low Ppm for what stage you’re in and high ph for the medium you’re in. You should be around 1000 ppm and 6.0 ph

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Ya I did drop my ph 6.2 but I dont understand why my ppm is so low when I have signs of nute burn ? Could I be reading it wrong

I think some meters read out ppm by x10 make sure that’s not your case…that would put you at 3500 :confounded:

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so it shows 350 for ppm but could that mean 3500?

Looks like a fixable nutrient deficiency. I would try flushing them and starting from “scratch”
Basically just check your meters and mix up new nutes.

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so iI put a full does of nute mpk bloom booster 1tsp per liter cal mag 2 mil per liter 2 teaspoons epsom salts and 10 mil mollasis and it still only reading 1100

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Sure, depends on the meter you’re using.

After seeing your meter, you’re definitely at 350

So u think its nute deficiency?

Yeah, I’m not seeing burn.

so tips seem to be brown but it’s my first indoor grow so tbh I assumed right away was nute burn

So I’m gonna give them a neutral flush and refeed collect runoff and retest I’ll keep use posted tks for help guys means the world to me…much love