Can anyone diagnose my leaves?

Can anyone tell me what the problem is with these leaves? It looks like it could be to much mag.

Honestly looks like leaf variegation. If not it’s pH fluctuations. Is it effecting any “real” nodes? Meaning 5+ leaves.

Nvm. You’re in a coco perlite mix aren’t you? You need to water with feed till run off every single day. Just had to look closer. my bad. But yeah. Like say if you’re using jacks 321. You need to feed full strength every single day. This is a hydroponic grow medium. pH to 5.7-5.8


@Budz First off thanks for the response. I am growing in an ebb and flow system

I’m using Humboldt Secrets line and that day was start of week one veg. I just transplanted the day before. I mixed 50gal water at 170ppm, CalMag 200ml@450ppm, Part A 150ml@320ppm, Part B 150ml@290ppm, Plant Enzymes 50ml, Tree Trunk 100ml@15ppm, Golden Tree 100ml@25ppm giving me a total of 1270ppm. I noticed the tips on the new growth start to burn and the older growth started to brown on the blades of the leaves. Today I gave them a light flush of 1gal of ph’d water at 5.8. Tomorrow I plan to feed them the same solution just diluted to 730ppm.

Here is a close up of all 4 plants

For a little more information I’m using the Growers Choice ROI E720 at 50% intensity 28 inches from canopy.

Would you recommend I use Cal Mag & Iron every feed at full strength? that would be 5ml per gal 50gal 250ml.

Unfortunately I’m unfamiliar with all of that. The appropriate members should be by before long.

Looks like crappy soil, use fox farm ocean harvest every time. I tried a different soil once and the plant hated it, so I transplanted it to fox farm and it came back to life.

It’s not soil its coco but thanks for the advise.