Can anyone check my planing

First topic here and first time into the game :smiley: My goal is to grow Northern Lights auto in a 2x4 using the flood and drain method on a tray, under the mars sp3000 (I’m open for recommendations on the light as well :slight_smile: ).

The amount of information found on the web is really overwhelming. For a beginner like me it’s a mix of knowledge that I find hard to distinguish good from bad.

There are three things that still confuse me and I can’t manage to resolve this just by looking at others people questions and YouTube videos.

1 - How many plant’s can I grow in a 2x4 optimal for a flood and drain method. (SoG or ScroG recommendation?)
2 - What kind of medium should I use to limit the flood’s cycle.
3 - The size of cubes/pots I should use for a tent with 200cm of height.

Welcome. Id say 2 plants in a 2c4 unless u plan on having monsters then 1. Hlg 135 v2 light is a spectacular light fpr that size tent. Wishing u luck and happy growing buddy

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Hlg 260 would be a larger option that would have more intensity.

If it’s a flood and drain system, the clay pellets are good.

3 gallon and even as small as 1 gallon would be plenty.
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Thanks for the advice. That was one of the three light’s I was also considering. Guess your recommendation tipped the scale in HLG favor :smiley:

So by using either 3, 2 or 1 gallon pots in a system like that, with only pellets. Should I fill the pots with them as well? Or use a coco mix in the pots and surround them with pellets.

I would recommend just the clay pellets. They’ll retain enough moisture until the next flood and drain cycle. Coco will retain too much jn my opinion.

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