Can anybody tell me what my plant is deficient in?

I’m growing Amnesia haze growing in 50% soil & 50% Coco and its in its 2 month of veg ready to go into flower when I noticed some of the leaves looked like this. What do you think this could be? I removed a lot of the badly effected leaves.

Check your ph on your run off first but looks like iron or calcium

Looks like it could be magnesium, manganese, calcium, even see some phosphorus, hard to say.

What are you feeding?

This looks like it may be a lockout. Water with ph water till runoff, check water with meter or drops and compare to what you put in. If you put ph water of 6 and your runoff is really low then Your to acidic. To high your alkaline. Certain nutrients get locked out more at different levels.

I’m no expert, just trying to help. Good luck :v:

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Definitely start with a ph test of soil. Google Soil PH Slurry test and let us know the results!

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It does kinda look like Manganese… I have had it before and give a tiny bit of Epsom salts… but lets wait for the slurry test :slight_smile:


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I’m inexperienced but if I were to guess, looks like calcium or maybe even manganese?

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Purple stems and lower growth affected leads me to think you are having a mag deficiency.


You can always add about 1/4 t Epsom salt for every gallon of water, they can’t really get too much just watch for the newer growth as the damaged leaves will not heal. Did you do a slurry test? What kind of water are you using? I use distilled so I have to add Cal/Mag and Epsom every watering.

Hi and thank you all for your input right after posting this problem i noticed i had a lot of dry pockets and my light were too low so I soaked plants and raised lights before I could get back to the forum my brother had suddenly died hence why I’m just getting back to you couple days later. This problem just lost priority but today my plants I think are much better Just keeping it short but will watch for some of the issues you all brought up. Also the pH is and has been 6.8 and I feed them the foxfarm trio nut.'s