Can anybody helps? Your everything right?


This may help you


I will check it. Thanx for your time.

Definitely treat for those bugs or if it only a couple leaves remove them
Dont put any chemical pesticides on a flower Plant either fyi
You cant wash that stuff off

The yellowing leaves are normal in flower as she eats the stored sugars from the fan leaves
Trimming back some of those lower branches would help


Thank you so much. I appreciate it in particular.

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If you see the leaves a little closer they have spots.
This is some kind of fungus??? Thanx

Hard to tell but id say its most likely from the bugs
Can be fugus or mold spots tho
Some light pruning might be in order to make sure you have air flow through your plant
But sont go crazy if you decide to prune a little start low

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Thank you so much for your advice. Greetings from Greece.