Can anybody confirm my Fimming?

Hey now,
I topped this NL outdoor on it’s sixth node and there is both new growth from between and around the clipping and new growth on top of where I clipped the new growth (on two of them). Is this more new growth than usual from a Fim or did I do something wrong?
Any input is highly appreciated - 805Emesa

Looks good it’s about to sprout 4 new tops. Congrats

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Thanks for the confirmation!

Ok, I have FIMMED both my GG and NL and there is now successful major new growth l, even a seven leafer on my NL!
Anyways, I know it’s kinda dark to see the bottom area of my plants, but if you could zoom in and tell me if / when / how much I should trim off the bottom area of the plants. The summer just officially started a couple days ago. There is no signs of flowering starting on these two so I would imagine I should top several tops of the new growth if not fimm?
As much input as possible would be greatly appreciated. Muchos Gracias. E