Can an auto flower plant b revegged?

tried to revegg my lil bag seed plant after harvest but she just keeps budding. any thoughts anyone?


cannot be done. they are genetically programmed to complete a life path… which is why you cannot clone from them either…at least this is my understanding of it.


thanks Oak that’s what i thinking. this plant is just a bag seed but all i had at the time. but i never could clone her r her brother, and now she want revegg i’m thinking she’s an auto. o well i guess i’ll just let her go another week r two and pull it up. just got a cheese seed from a bag, hope its a girl. ordering seeds from ilgm next week for sure. and yes all female seeds r a must.

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These autos aren’t as stable as they claim. I have an auto that’s 4 feet tall and coming up on 14 weeks old and took 9 weeks to flower and her sister was sativa pheno and harvested 4 weeks ago.


i don’t get autos man i don’t need that headache, im just starting to get this . All i want is female seeds

crossbreeding different genetics is complicated


White Widow Fem. are a great deal, , I had a killer plant, ILGM has a special offer, five seeds plus five free for $ 49


That was what I got the 5 + 5 free white widows at the time of checkout I took advantage of the 5 seed discount offer on gold leaf those are my next grow . Going to try the 20 gallon tub grow with a scrog and only one plant

Killer buy, I was just looking at Gold Leaf myself, I still have a few W W "s for next grow, my last WW was amazing

Well over 30 in. of Bud !!


Well damn that is amazing @FyshhTrap

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I’m cloning a auto flower ATM, but I’m cloning with branch attached to the mother still, and only cut away from mother once rooting takes place.

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No it can not be revegged


Yeah I’m going with WW myself

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Thanks guys

I don’t think you’re going to be successful, sorry to say it.

ALL auto flowers will grow and flower on a schedule already predetermined by their genetics. So even if you do “clone it”, it will still flower if the stressing doesn’t kill it first. think of the stress you’re putting on that plant, it’s not good to stress an auto. But good luck!

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Well… @Wishingilivedina420state you said that the plant was actually bag seed that you got so you really not sure what it is ,so the first thing I would ask is what’s the light cycle you’re running right now if it’s 18- 6 or 16-8 you might want to try and throw it on a 22 hour light cycle or at least 20 hour light cycle and see if that don’t kick it back into veg sometimes they need a little bit more light to be reveged unless it’s an auto then you’re screwed…


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Yeah its bag seed, but I’m pretty sure she’s an auto. I tried 4 times to clone with no luck,thought it was me and maybe is but I used all the same stuff the same way and it worked on a friends plant. But who knows maybe just the plant don’t want to be cloned, maybe me idk. It’s cool though ordering my WW seeds Friday . New tent, and if I have enough a 400 watt hps, inline fans and filters.

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Your doing an egg clone. Ive done this on outdoor plants.

Ya … you can’t reveg Autos , well as far as I know anyhow … when auto grows it is basically growing straight into the flower stage and doesn’t know photo period, meaning 12 hours of Darkness or more triggering flowering …so when do you turn your lights up or whatever you did it doesn’t know to go back to vegetative stage cuz essentially it’s never been

Same here. White Widow Auto’s 02-06-20 : Started 3 , Two were harvested 06-01-20 (a little early). The other one is Still growing! She’s COVERED with Buds… She’s Re-veging!!! I’ve never had this happen before now. I’ll post a pic. I cut many stems off for drying and to give the lower buds some light. I’m so Confused!!