Can an A/C Split Unit replace an intake fan?

Hey guys, just thinking about the future here and my future grow room. I am currently doing a tent run but I will eventually switch to a full room operation. My biggest question as of now is will a A/C split unit (w/ fan running) bring in enough fresh air intake thus, two birds - one stone. Or will I also have to implement an intake fan?

I greatly appreciate your advice.

the ac unit will bring in plenty of cool air… exhaust will be your issue…and humidity as ac units dehumidify by their nature.


I use an ac unit exclusively. It does not completely remove the smell when it vents to the outside but for me it’s not a big concern.


Great! And what about those days that are too cool to run the AC… will the fan running by itself be enough fresh air exchange?

Hey if your putting in a full room unit and have passive intake vent(s) depending on size of room and ac unit you should get plenty of fresh air in room
I’m a hvac tech with 25 years experience so I can answer any question you have on this subject

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Yes. An Ac is an exhaust fan of sorts to begin with,; Although I would just leave low intake open and allow cool air from AC to be drawn into grow area passively. :slight_smile:


It has a thermostat and runs between fan and ac as needed. The fan has to be on low or it’s too much wind.

Air intake pulls the coolest air from the floor up which also pulls the cool air down thru the canopy

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Im growing out of my walk in 5x5 closet. I have a vent in the ceiling. So in my case, should just an simple oscillation fan be suffice along with maybe a carbon filter under the vent so smell doesnt travel through out the house?

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