Can a PPM or TDS meter help in determining nuke lockout?

I don’t have one of these meters, only a pH meter.
I’m having problems with 2 ladies and I just have done 2 flushes with General Hydroponics - FloralKleen
So at this point, I know to pH the water/nutes mixture before giving the girls a drink, it goes in at 6 and comes out at a pH of 7.
Measuring PPM of solution going in against water coming out at the bottom holes.
Is that a good method for determining if I have nute lockout?

If it goes in at 6, out at 7, you probably have a pH lockout.

You don’t have a meter to test ppm? Is that correct?

That’s correct, no meters except for a pH meter

You can pick up a PPM meter or conductivity meter fairly inexpensive. And yes it is a good troubleshooting tool. Lets you measure what’s your feeding more precise not just a little of this and a little of that.

Your pH is already telling you that you probably have or will soon have a nute lockout.

An ec meter will tell you how much your plant is eating, but it won’t tell you what it’s eating/not eating. If you put in Xec and it comes out a higher ec, your plant isn’t eating or is being overfed. If you put in Xec and it comes out a lot lower, your plant is eating a heckuva lot.

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Yes but an EC meter will tell you what your water is to start with. I suspect the OP has no idea? Combine potentially high EC with more high EC and you have really high EC with bad PH. That’s a recipe for a soon to be dead plant. Now we can add to that with bad drainage? Poor ventilation? And possibly over watering? All if these things are easy to fix if you know where to start.

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I see this a lot and happened to myself - be careful you are using the correct mix rates for your medium. If you go by what’s on the bottle and you’re in soil it’s wayyy too high. They have correct mix rate tables on their website

^ referencing general hydroponics