Can a polinated plant polinate my new plants in growroom

I have a plant in bloom it may have been pollinated by a male I killed. it has 3 weeks left in bloom I busted a bud it has ten seed in it. I just put some new plants in bloom 2 wees now will that plant pollinate the new ones?

I believe so

No, a pollinated female will not pollinate your other females.


so which one is true I have two opinions

Can a pregnant women get a non-pregnant woman pregnant?


lol thanks

I crop the plant while in buding can that cause seeding

is that to much stress?

If there is still live pollen in the room from pollinating the first female then the new girls you just put in have a fair chance of being knocked up already

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its been over a month I think the polin that may be there is to old

the older plant only has three week left

I’m not sure. Maybe @WickedAle will know

If there is lose pollen on the plant and it’s in a room with a fan, then yeah it could travel around. But the longer it has been since the plant has been pollinated, the less likely it will pollinate others.

If you didn’t thoroughly clean all the pollen from your grow area, there’s a good chance all your plants will get pollinated. I just went through this when I bred some new strains and the pollen from one tent got in all 3 of my tents… it gets everywhere :v::bear:

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