Can a plant be sterile

Hi guys
Am in Oz and have all my plants in full sweet bud exceot for one which is still just growing leaf. It appears to be a female with no sign of balls and has pistils in all the right place.
Can a plant be sterile?? Should I keep trying to make it turn it just cut my losses. Equinox was a week ago so the days are definitely shorter than the nights.


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Your plant looks to be about to flower soon. Not sterile…late bloomer.


A week from the equinox isn’t really flower for many plants. I don’t even count the flip as the start of the flowering period anymore; it might be 2 weeks from the flip before a plant really starts forming compounded flowers.


“Just a little patience, yeah, yeah.”

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@AAA @KeystoneCops @MrPeat Thanks guys for that :relaxed: So long as it isn’t a boy I am happy… The photo was taken about 10 days ago. Just funny how all the others next to it have been budding for weeks now… Been worried that it will turn boy and ruin my crop… I feel a lot happier now :relaxed:. Now let’s see if I can keep it going as long as I can to get some sort ofl yummy buds off it and frost doesn’t get it

Curiosity, how do plants handle frost, want to leave my girls as long as possible for the best result. We have had no frosts yet but the nights are definitely getting cooler.

Next step is to work out when to harvest… Am salivating just looking at them :joy: :joy:

To answer your original question about sterility, that would be when a plant cannot reproduce. And yes, that’s possible. We get seedless fruits by crossing two parents known to produce sterile offspring. Semi-sterile cannabis would actually be a valuable breeding tool; imagine being able to plant fields outdoors without concern about seed, either from your males, hermaphroditism, or neighbor’s plants.

I know that’s not what you were asking about, but I thought it’s worth mentioning.

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Thanks @KeystoneCops …was interesting to learn that

I have worked out that we are in the 21st century and my plant decided to be gender neutral ROFL :joy:

It is happily leafing away with its girls… Buy keeping an eagle eye on any sign of balls

They are all 6 months old and planted the same time and will be harvested soon… When I work out when is the best optimum :joy:

Non binary!

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Still no sign of any sort of bud @AAA …what did you do with your one?
Is it worth trying to see if anything happens??

U can see it is just a bundle of leaves :joy:

Second photo is it’s girlfriend just about four feet away… Both planted exact same time

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You could gat a large enough cardboard box and start covering her an hour before sunset. Besides that, it’s just a matter of patience.

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Tried covering and still leaving :joy:

It’s Binary neutral :joy: