Can a ILGM sales person or owner help?


Ok so I don’t wanna post a rant or anything crazy like that cause I really like this forum and Everyone in it is like a family, but I am having major trouble with receiving my order and has been sent twice now can someone please email me so we can discuss or help I really would like to put in a bigger order but haven’t received my first one…


Someone should be getting back to you within about 24 hours.



@MacGyverStoner Thank you so much, u can delete thread if ya want don’t want a bunch of people turning away from ordering because of it. This is truly a awesome site and I understand better than most people that sometimes things go wrong when mailing things. Thanks again!


Hi @stan, I checked for this email address but could not find an order for it. Did you try contacting They are there to help you out with any order trouble.

Kind regards, Roy


Well same email setup here is email I ordered from first order number is 112436 might be hard to find cause was over 2 months ago now… an yea I tried emailing both the Amsterdam email and regular but no response will try again tho why not…