Can a hermie be only on one stalk?

Noticed this today. This seems to be the only stalk that looks this way. But it is deeper in the tent and I have super blinding headache from either a super flu or COVID (still need to tend to my babies though). They started flowering July 1. Praying not a hermie.

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Probably, but I would check the rest just in case.

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Will do. I figure I have a day or three to make sure, right? And if it is, I guess I could pluck off the little sacs but afraid I will miss some due to tent position and netting making it hard to entirely bring it out of the tent to make sure.

I would plan on missing one. They’re hard to find.

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Kind of what I think. Not worth the risk.

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Picked apart a few of them with tweezers and needle to see if maybe a new leaf. But the thing is, none of the other 6 plants are doing this. Upon closer inspection saw that the other stalks have these. Kinda think she lifted her skirt and showed her true colors. I used my little digital microscope to look. Photos are as good as I could get as still learning to use this tricky little thing.


We went ahead and took it out. There were tons of little ball clusters. Have to leave the AutoPot in there as we can’t really get it out.

I think when we went without AC week before last that stressed it. Tent stayed at 84 to 85 degrees. Hoping others will be fine. Also, I worried maybe too much nutes so added four gallons of plain water to the reservoir.

Upside is that this will give my short shrubby Grape Ape more light.

This plant removed was Wedding Cake. I still have five others. Had overplanted anyways as wasn’t sure how well I would do. All is cool, just a learning experience and I can start my GSC-Extreme autoflowers a bit sooner by setting them on top of the AutoPot.