Can a hermie be eaten? Is there any THC


Is a hermie good for edibles? My 1st grow and I tried one hydro and one dirt (the dirt was a last minute decision as both seeds germinated well and wth righy?) The hydro turned and I removed him from the tent. He is currently unhappily living in the guest room. I can’t bring myself to kill him. Can I eat him?


yes - are you going to let it mature ? (By it’s self) or pull it now?


Yeah you can still use it to make butter or oil or use it in any of the ways you can use it for edibles


I don’t have the resources (separate tent & light) to let it mature properly. It’s in a room a and it’s winter. I was contemplating either 1. Letting it fend for itself until the female is done (she about 6+ to completion). Or 2. Putting it BACK in the tent with a clear plastic bag secured around it with a taped area for adding water and nuts. I mean it’s all new to mean. Trial and error


No you can’t put it in with any females and you can’t put a bag over, plants need to breathe but you can finish your female in the tent first, shouldn’t damage the hermie to much


hate to say it - hard to stop that “pollen” - would not add to tent because of that - let it fend for it’s self - concerning nutrients forget them/save and just water


Thanks. I’ll let him fend BUT do I really want to even put him in the tent. Will his pollen contaminate it for future grows or will a good wipe down solve that


Good point. Thanks. If I pull him now would he have any potency in edibles


How old is he now? Any pictures? I think you really need to let it finish first but chuck the question out there

@kabongster @Countryboyjvd1971



3 months from seedling. Week 4 flower stage


Unless you are going to breed him with your girl or you want to collect pollin from him … I would kill him immediately… there’s no other reason to keep him going… he will have almost no medical value for consumption… :wink:
Once he starts to shoot pollin it’s going to be all over your house and on everything in your house and will only screw up all your up coming grows from here on out for at least a year or 2… your just asking for trouble to try and keep him alive… :wink:
Sorry to be the one to tell you…

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I did a quick search and I couldn’t find a post where there was verification of this plant being a hermie. Just to be sure, would you mind posting photos of what you are seeing?


Up above my post… it’s not a hermi , it’s a boy… :wink:

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I guess looking at that photo before posting would have helped. Lol


@Fairieswear8oots. Love the name. That’s from a black Sabbath song correct?


Hell yeah!


Thanks for the feedback and sorry for the abrupt silence. Apparently newbies only get so many post in one day. I hit my limit​:v::laughing:

Are we sure it’s male? It was suppose to be female😢 I think I stressed it with too high a heat. Plus it’s a hybrid and I read they can be hermie. I wish I would have found tbis site first but I think I’m finding my way. Thsnks!!


Yes … for sure it’s a boy… sorry…
You said that you had another plant going as well… how’s that one doing?
But ya … get rid of the boy … he’s getting ready to start throwing pollin … danger will Robinson , danger… :wink:
It’s not a hermi… it’s a full blooded boy from the word go… kill him :angry::angry::angry:

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Sorry, but this is definitely not a female. Almost certainly not a hermie either. This looks very male! :persevere: