Can a damaged plant make viable seeds?

A friend of mine is growing a Purple Hindu Kush. The reflective “shield” he was using fell over on top of it and basically smashed the plant flat. With a little TLC (and duct tape) he managed to save the plant but now it’s producing seeds by the hundreds. Are these seeds viable?

He admitted to some other environmental stress that may have led to this but no males/hermaphrodite were found. Can an unpollinated female produce viable seeds?

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There’s definitely nanners somewhere… look closer… it’s highly doubtful that getting smashed caused the plant to seed out…
Seeds could be good , could be bad… you will have to plant them to find out… :wink:
I would lean more towards hermi genetics , so more then likely the seeds will be 75% hermi seeds… 25% viable… :wink:
If you can find out why it seeded out in the first place then you might have better odds of good seeds… :wink:

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I haven’t looked at the plant personally. I’m just going by what he told me and said I would look into it for him. He admits to light leakage during the dark hours and of course the assault and battery. We’ve heard from several others that there has to be fertilization but unfortunately this is all really over my head. Breeding isn’t something I’ve ever done.

And we’re definitely going to plant them either way :sweat_smile:

If it was do to a light leak then there probably all good seeds… :wink:

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So it effects the seeds differently depending on the circumstances which they were made? Very cool :sunglasses: Thank you :+1:

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I would much rather have seeds do to a light leak , versus genetics… usually the only time I ever get Hermis or get seeds is either due to a light leak or because I let the plants flower for way too long … other than that it usually never happens from the stress of beating them up or anything else… it’s usually either light or genetics or the fact that the plant has been in flower for too long and has no choice but to try and rejuvenate itself … in other words (make offspring)… :wink:

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Just to point something out, viable means useable or good do you need help here lol

Yes with the seeds I’m using the word viable as able to grow. Since this is all my friend wanted to know about the plant that’s the way I worded it. I however always believed they were viable but am curious about what they are actually going to grow into. If these seeds have a 75% chance of being herm then to me they are neither good nor use able

If you know something about the subject then yes I’d definitely love to hear it

I know quite a bit involving this subject as a matter of fact.

And that was more for peachfuzz when he stated "75% hermaphrodite 25% viable)

Ok so at the start you said she got smashed and seeded afterwards. To me that is a little unlikely especially if she was smashed flat.

Were there any light leaks during her grow cycle, or any disruption during the night cycle? That could have a result of seeding, also as mentioned above it could have been from a hermie trait, which is more likely than seeding from being smashed.

In a sence what im trying to say to dull it down a bit her offspring will initially be being determined by how she was stressed environment.

This could have also likely happened because of drastic environment changes ie being moved around, drastic temperature changes, humidity changes increase and decrease as well as how well she could have been maintained.

Just cause the seeds came from a hermaphrodite plant doesn’t mean its out come will be hermie unless it has balls (pollen sacks). If it has pollen sacks it is caused from genetics, if it has bananas then it was stress induced.

If being stress induced you can have one of the 4 outcomes
1 male and female seeds
2 hermaphrodite seeds
3 25% chance for feminized seeds
4 limited variations between offspring, meaning you’ll carry the same traits down