Came home to dying plants PLEASE HELP!

Think this will be a very good xmas

I don;t think so. Plants are fairly small for 5 gallon buckets.

Really for OG kush there at max height 42" isn’t that correct

The point is; I do not think you should be growing the plant in a 5 gallon bucket Too big. Too Many growers think that if they put a plant in a bigger pot, that they will yield more. Not true.

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Ok understood thought 5 gallon was the standard

Let me clarify. The size plants you are growing would do great in a 3 gallon pot. If you out grow the pot and have space; Go bigger.

Transplant seedlings to 1 gallon, and when somewhat root bound, replant into 3 gallon pot. You will immediately see better performance in your grows. :slight_smile:

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Ok will try on next grow after I complete harvest and cured these 4 thks for clarifying