Came home to dying plants PLEASE HELP!

Please help these our my OG kush don’t know what happen there 2 months old last feed 8/1 technaflora been putting them outside every morning heatwave going into day 6 90 plus

degrees came home today all leaves limp soil bone dry I watered them brought them inside put in tent and under led for less heat…can they be saved don’t know what happen was about to start flowering next wee

I think it was heat stress temp was 93 yesterday looking much better after keeping them inside

They were probably due for a good watering too

Yeah did that too big difference in 24hrs

Was about to cry 2 months down the drain will start flowering Friday according the info on OG kush at max height

Ya that’s all it was. You can tell buy the leaf s and then being out in 93 degrees all day.
Hell I’d look like that if i can’t have a beer all day to…lol

B Safe

Iceberg … it’s been really hot here in VA too. 90’s all week and it’s going to continue. I have been having to water my plants twice a day in the morning and at night. Your plants look good … I think they just needed a drink.

Garrigan … you made me laugh!

I couldn’t help it MT1.

B Safe

I’d probably be limp also standing out there keeping them inside for now…thks guys

I’m growing in the desert in so Cal. It’s been 105 here for about week straight, it’s not to hard to grow this hot, mine is in the ground witch makes it easer.
Just need to watch the soil for dampness. When it gets really hot I do have some shade cloth I put up over them which helps a lot.

Wow 105 any rain do have some type of water up

We had 2 days of some rain. I have a 55gal drum I have PH, and a 25 gal, mixed with my bloom fertilizer in it. The weather for next week is in the 90’
I just have to watch them close. That is why I made a grow box in doors. That’s a lot easer to do.

The Sun can do that. heat has been at an all time high… It is good that you can move them.

This is the best advice I can give you; Build a small shed. Buy a $100 AC, and make the most of your grow.

If you are successful; The yield you get now, and for year to come will far out weigh the cost of this project. You have a potential of a LB. minimum That is worth 5 grand. Do the math…

Growers!!! If it is too hot outside in your region in the Summer; You cannot be successful in heat above 90 degrees. When temperatures get below 50, or above 90; Plants quit growing, and cell damage is prevalent.

Lesson learned I brought additional lighting will be strictly indoor from this point just eat cost elec I was getting solid 8 hrs of sun…plus got some new shady looking neighbors moved in next door

Ya you definitly don’t need any trouble.

B Safe

Hang in there. I hope you have good luck. :slight_smile:

to hot needs water and root bound

Lady’s looking lovely now back on track day 3 flowering