Calyx? Show Me where

Waiting for harvest. So when looking at the trichomes on the calyx?? Is that the little sack on the bottom of the Bud … they are all puffed up. Is that the best place to check trichs. I’ll have to post a pic but someone please let me know im getting close im looking everyday but im getting confused with the amber on the sugar leaves

This is what I should be checking from the top of my bud and down tothis right? Is this the calyx



A Complete Guide on When to Harvest Hemp


@oldmarine thank you very much…I’ve seen the video im not having a problem knowing when to harvest only whee is the best spot to look on the plant at my trichomes I’ve heard the calyx but idk

The bud proper is where you need to be looking. Not the sugar leaves. The bud is made up of dozens (if not hundreds) of calyxes.


Everything on the plant that looks like that little potential seed sac. That’s essentially what calyx are. The pods that hold the seed thats developed by the pollen that is caught by the pistil (hairs).

The first place I look for calyx to judge trichs is at the top. Its normally more mature then the lowers so a good starting point. Ignore the ‘sugar leaves’ and go for the ‘buds’ (calyx)

Then find a nice lower/upper nug around it. Dont just inspect one spot.

My bad @oldmarine i kinda said what u said but the pics worth the writeup

You trying to look at these bulbous parts. Just follow the pistils to where they’re coming out of


Perfect i understand now thanks guys


A close of pistils coming out of a calyx

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