Calmag with dry amendments?


First timer and I am growing in coco with LEDs. I’ve recently learned I should be using calmag. I amended my soil with Down to Earth 4-4-4 and a little 4-8-4. Also some worm castings. I’m trying to mimic Mr Canucks Grow on YouTube. Should I still be using calmag if I already amended soil?

Big fan of that canuck…

Does he use Cal-Mag? I don’t think he does. With the manure and or worm castings, I don’t think you need them. I certainly don’t. I use them in a spray when the plant is young. That’s pretty much it

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Big fan as well. I don’t think he uses calmag. I guess I’ll go without it this time and see how it goes

Yea I use molasses with Epsom salt as my cal mag here Is my dry amendments current grow if you want a tip on amounts good luck

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Thanks man. Ill need to try your schedule next time. I’m not amending every week like you, just every 30 days.

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It’s every 2 weeks but I understand it’s very high maintenance but I blame the fast buds and their need for a TON of nutes