Calmag deficiency?

1 week old 2x Jack Herer DWC

Veins look very pale.
Is this normal ?

It is too young for nutrients and actually too young to have a CalMag issue.

What nutrients are you using and what PH is the solution?

Meanwhile if you are using nutrients…STOP immediately and replace with fresh water PH’d at 5,8


Im using AN base nutes, 3ml each @ 12L water.
Also added some voodoo juice.

Ph is around 5.9

How long would you recommend clean water ?

You should never add nutrients to seedlings until they have established
a root zone. This is indicated by you seeing 4-5 alternating nodes of
true leaves. You have burnt the seedling by using the nutrients, and
especially Voodoo Juice should nopt be added until later’

Happy growing, lw