Calling all new growers! this means you!

Lol, grow support ticket, true novices wouldn’t know much of those answers, cut copy and paste on a phone, do what? Did your support ticket cover how to cut copy and paste.

Some take it for granite that all have same skills, we don’t. I dont think i ran around like a chicken with my head cutoff, but if i did, please help me find my head.

You know whats great about yall, that person that lost his or her head, yall get it screwed back on and somebody earns “Valued Member of the Month”.

Evolution of the newbie.


If anyone wants a mentor in autoflowers ,thats all i grow im not a professional grower or anything im a home grower who loves what i do i get great results from the way i grow , i always mix in fresh worm castings to my coco coir or soil and i also mix in volcanic rock dust fertilizer aswell it provides silica and mirco and macro nutrients to ur plants i do this even if im using bottled nutrients ive had nothing but great results doing it this way and when using bottled nutrients i only give the half of what they recommend for the first few weeks then i ramp it up after that .i also use CO2 that i make myself and i know there are going to be some people how think that my homemade CO2 doesn’t work well i have proof it does work i have a CO2 meter in my tent and my bottles i run get my CO2 ppm up around 2500 in my tent and then it will settle down after a few hours and then my ppm stays around 850 .so if you need help i will be glad to help you in anyway possible just hot me up .and here is a pic of my girls im doing now i have no pests or deficiencies


Hell yeah, @Aussie_autos. I am certain from seeing your posts that you have a wealth of information to pass on to a lucky student.


Thanks bro hit me up if you need help brother


Great idea to do this and good advice. You can’t cut corners if you want this to be worthwhile.


Im so backwards i run around like a head with my chicken cut off :grin::sunglasses:


Sound advice! Before reading this I was dangerously close to being that person frantically calling for help. Unfortunately I have already made many of the “mistakes” you’ve mentioned.Guess it’s back to square one and read/research a little more!


When you’re ready just post here how you intend to grow, soil, hydro, coco…… etc, and let everyone know you’re looking for a mentor to help you get rolling.

Welcome to the community brother, so many amazing helpful kind knowledgeable people around here all you gotta do is ask. Hope this finds you well.

Get Growin!


@MeEasy and @emgoldslo were my mentors when first starting out.


Welcome to the neighborhood brother! @UncleDick Troll around the threads and check them out. A lot of good info here and very helpful growers that will share info. Dont be afraid to ask what you think may be a stupid question, because there are no such thing.


Thanks.This is where I’m presently at in this journey.

Using Whitney Farms Organic in the pot under the little light and Black Gold seedling mix in the pot in the tent.Seeds were planted directly in the soil on the 24th. The lights are for heat.


Best advice i have for new growers is first…this is a weed. Like other weeds it is tough. Just weed your garden to see. Super simple to start works just fine. Some of us went from complicated to dumb as dirt. Me for 1.
Chasing a huge harvest to start is painfull. Growing a healthy lower yielding plant to start is better. Next grow get that yield. Plants feel your emotions i TRULY believe. A stressed out grower grows stressed out plants. You know you are a true farmer when you can rip out a hermie/male/just not gonna do it plant and not blink.
Happy farmer makes a happy farm. Just my approach to it. My worry about a weed days are over and my grows are extremely healthy and easy to do now.


Brother @Storm you hit it!!! @UncleDick sing to your plants and play them music. Dont be over aggressive with the little ones. If you have a doubt, ask. Most of the time, listen to your plant. It will tell you what it wants.


Uhh well. 2 hits of good acid…jams and a chair in your 4x8 tripping on your plants works also…grin


Hell yeah. :relieved:


I’d recommend starting yourself a journal. A simple thread topic works, start your post with solid information… the more relevant details you can lay out the better.

Lighting (brand and actual draw from wall)
Ppfd and dli measurements.
This is one of the most important things!

Media type

What are you feeding

If soil-
Any amendments?

Water testing meters
Ph meter and tds
These are so valuable! allows you to measure the water content and conditions prior to feeding.

Temperature and Relative Humidity
Air circulation
Temp/humidity variations- day/night light on/off

Your practices
How do you treat the plant
Training process
Watering practices - how much and how often

What you are hoping to: accomplish, budget, expand, long/short term growing, perpetual harvest, any information like that is going to improve the community’s ability to make accurate recommendations and suggestions.

Once everyone is aware of the methods you use we will be able to get some assistance and mentoring going for you.

This forum is very helpful and a wealth of knowledge you just gotta get to reading! My time spent just reading on this forum is more than 5 days! I joined Dec 12th so like 50ish days ago. I’ve expanded my knowledge exponentially in this time.

The best way I can describe this forum is —

:heart: It’s the answer key to all of Cannabis Cultivation :heart:

Glad you’re here!! Looking forward to following along your grow journey!

Get Growin!


High five, bro.
Legit Member of the Month material right there.


Thanks for the advice! Not looking for huge yields (I’m a cheap date). Starting with auto-flowers.
I’ve been told they’re beginner friendly. Maybe a little Grateful Dead in the tent would help!


They are actually the opposite in some ways. Still no reason to panic. Stick with what you’ve got :metal:


New grower here, welcome aboard to a great community.

Happy growing