Calling all new growers! this means you!

Good lord!!! SECOND GROW??? Bro. You just proved the WHOLE THING!!! That’s f*cking delicious, brother. Wow.


Thanks, @ShockDog , pinched a bud yesterday to test the terpenes and OMG. Smells like a bowel of freshly squeezed lemons. No joke! My fingers were covered in this liquid of piney lemony goodness.


@ShockDog now i have to drag out the playlist…love me some Dimebag and the gang haha.


I’m going. Wife said it’s my birthday and christmas present this year lol


I’ll add if you’re going to start growing in coco spend some time reading every article on cocoforcannabis(dot)com. If you follow what you read there your first grow will be a success. I did everything exactly as Dr. Coco said and got a little over 15 zips out my first grow.


I too will post some bud porn! I’m proud of this stuff, it’s an LA Kush Cake variant, both plants same batch of seeds. Just into 5 weeks of flower. This is my first solo indoor run! I do outdoor too, getting close to time for the fun to begin.

And for anyone interested here’s the journal.


Get Growin!


@Freebirdmikes those buds are crazy, dude. What strains are they?


Home run topic @ShockDog

Thanks for the tag @Graysin it feels a privilege being on this ride with so many of you.

I couldn’t agree more that finding people growing the style you like and taking 1 or 3 growers to follow and ask would keep things far cleaner. I know that for myself, if I’m being tagged with 7 names that all grow differently I just back to avoid confusion. Manic jumping at contradicting advice helps no one.


For you soil/organic growers like myself. Highly recommend Mr Canucks on youtube. His content is excellent and very tutorial. Lots of seed to harvest playlists.


Seeds are from an LA Kush Cake that got pollinated by a gelato 44, I’ve had some issues with it tho, herms and high male rate. I’ve popped about 15 seeds 10 of which were male, 2 popped male flowers on multiple branches the 3 that are remaining 2 of them had a branch with a single male flower that I plucked before opening. And the only one that’s a full true female with no issues yet is a midget lol.
12/12 From day of sprout


Same, bro. Especially when I am tagged alongside growers that have many years on me. Then I just watch. :joy:


That’s rough, bro. That’s when you gotta have that “attitude of gratitude”. Lmao


I wasn’t fixin to hold up my flower lighting for a seedling lol so I just left it in there.


Ill throw in some porn. Just caught these ladies airing out their hairy dares :rofl::rofl::rofl: oh i had to edit this in… ive been following these guys for a while now. Listen to what they have to say and they wont steer you wrong! Ive got a few grows under my belt now and i wouldnt have the grows i have without em!


Lookin’ good, brother! Love those fall colors, man! Gorgeous! :slight_smile:


?[quote=“merlin44, post:11, topic:97366”]
I was certainly guilty of jumping in with no actual knowledge when I started.

Guilty as charged. Knew enough to chew gum, blow bubbles, or hold my breath (did all three in the dive helment, deepdiving is more work than imagined and takes years to learn, describe, or survive, if alive), just like growing. Seed, soil, and dirt are great ingredients for a six-year old… Ever see the kid desired tree-swing pictures. Kid wants simple tree rope swing. 30 versions later, no swing, but everybody has a design suggestion. Some work better giving specific results. Forum reading can expand everybodies knowledge, proficiency, or experience. Good growing to All.


Ur welcome brother im always interested in helping people who are willing to listen and learn im very passionate about about my garden and if i can help someone i will


Yeeayaah. Absolutely right I’m personally new to the autoflower grow and getting adjusted to this quick time cycle very used to 5 months possibly six. Timing is tricky but he is correct. Find a mentor emulate what he does to get the results that he gets.


Yeah, brotha. You know what’s up.
:fist_right: :fist_left:


So much great info in here. :grin: One thing I will add that is a 100% must if any one is asking some one to be a mentor for them. You will get advise from a lot of others during your grow. Read and take all that knowledge in. But the bottom line is. Listen to the person you chose to help you when it comes to the grow you are in. Not much frustrates others as having some one ask for help and listen to every one else first. Then come back to them for help when things go sideways. I am always quick to let others know. When I started. I totally messed up my grow. Add that all the plants were males and well. I learned a lot from it. I had @Myfriendis410 and @MattyBear helping me about part way through. And then for the full next grow. That was before they both became famous. Or was that a mod :thinking: :laughing:
They told me to do a lot of things that really didn’t make sense to me at the time. I chose to do what they said. Then ask why it was I did it so I could learn. I am still learning now. But suck a little bit less :grin: