Calling all Commando growers!

Calling all outdoor commando and clandestine growers!

I want to plant some bag seeds outdoors somewhere as sort of a joke to see how long it takes someone to notice them and report them to law enforcement to be cut down. Yeh, that’s how I sometimes entertain myself. :laughing:

I would plant them not near residences nor on private land but was thinking of places like sides of parks, side of roads, near railroad tracks etc. Somewhere I can drive by from time to time. I will make sure there are no cameras nearby.

Since I WILL NOT be attending to these plants in any way like watering or fertilizing, I would appreciate any ideas where and under what soil conditions to plant these seeds where they have at least a chance not to he mowed down and yet have enough moisture and light to grow.


Haha. Start a thread so we can see the outcome.

I’m not an outdoor grower, but I would avoid clay soils. Maybe somewhere near a creek or body of water where34 the soil is fertile and a bit sandy. I’m sure others will have better suggestions.


Lots of those jokes done late 70s, then came helicopters and paraquat being sprayed.

Sad part, lots of those were close to running creeks or rivers for water supply. We remember big fish kill on Possum Kingdom after aerial spraying. This was before much was known on the Brazos and algae blooms.


Golly, by this thread’s title, I thought it was about gardening panty-free.

Maybe use Grow Dots = set and forget nutes. I’ve never used them outside, though, and I prefer to wear undies, if anyone cares, which I think is a big no. :rofl:


Entertaining for sure if any of you guys are good with soil look at my thread and help me make some good soil for my outdoor babies this year


@417Outlaw. Not sure of your area, as for soil, you might like to visit with @HippieRunner1, he has a form of cannabis ADD, he’s “addicted to digging in dirt” also. Great positive vibes.


I live smack dab in the middle of town. Would be hilarious to walk around town and throw some seeds in the raised planters around town lmao! Love this idea its gonna be great!


I’ve thought 100s of times about planting some clone in the flower bed in front of the big pretty “welcome to this town” sign :metal:


Theres a sink hole in the parking lot next to my shop, i almost did just what youre talking last summer.


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Great idea: how about plant them in a community garden?? :laughing:

Just kidding, don’t want to get someone in trouble that’s for sure.

When I plant them somewhere I’ll start a new thread… but I’ll have to take very tight pictures in order to not reveal the town, county or location?

Anyone know if photos posted here have location identification in the raw metadata???


I will definitely follow, and maybe contribute one myself. :+1:t3::+1:t3:


Thank you all help is appreciated


Someone a year or so ago said he grows in the areas between on/off ramps cloverleaf interchanges down in lousiana


Many people are totally oblivious, I know several people that grow in their yard in a slightly overgrown area that isn’t mowed along a fence line or next to a building or whatever, right smack dab out in the open and none of them have ever been busted to knowledge… One of my friends had some growing on the side of his house in the raised flowerbed around his house for years, you could easily see it from the street, but because there were other flowers and stuff around it, no one gave it a second glance…

I also had a friend that had a mini grow operation in a local forest preserve, he planted them all within eyes sight of the trails so he could simply walk the trail and see how they progressed, he did this for years, his secret was solo plants, it’s when you plant clusters that people notice, a single one in a field of weeds will generally go unnoticed, assuming it’s not standing out like a sore thumb in some 12" tall grass field at 6 feet tall :rofl: He had to stop doing this about 10 years ago because the forest preserves in my area are now all about ‘native plants’ and they get gardening groups out on the weekends to pour over the parks and remove invasive plants, so their are now constant eyes on what is growing…

I also know a fellow beekeeper that would ask for permission to put his beehives on people’s vacant property, he would sometimes plant one in close vicinity to the hives, not directly next to it but only a few feet away :rofl: and he said he never lost one…

The smell is generally what gives it away to the nannies, if it’s not somewhere where people catch the smell, most will simply walk right past it…


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Great insights!!

I actually had a clever idea pop into my head today. Genius…

So, with all these ideas and perhaps 70 seeds, I’ll be able to spread the joy like Johnny Appleseed.



I will plant a few seeds in one of those little islands in the middle of a lake I visit when I go kayak fishing. Very clever. And is surrounded by a body of water. Worth the try.


Check on mine while your out there. Thanks


I’ve always thought about the covert island grow lol




Is It above the flood plain?

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