Call out to our disabled Vets here...need a bit more advice


I sent it in
I left all the personal info blank. I’m sure they captured my IP address but oh well @super_newby


AWESOME! I just sent the link to this web sites customer service to see if it can be given to whoever writes the blog as an idea for an entry and gave an explanation as to why this is such a huge deal for disabled vets. We’ll see what happens.


That’s a great idea too @super_newby nice job.

Sounds like a sativa high in creativity! Lol


More specifically, Lemon Haze with a splash of Kryptonite…this news has to to get out somehow because I know that they didn’t tell me


Yeah the word needs to get out. There is enough suffering in the world already!


Doesn’t help if you are a VA or Federal employee: Please note! I was a VA employee many decades ago. Now I’m retired so I answer to nobody. I’ve got my state approved letter from a doctor, seal and all. But you know what I would do if I needed VA health care? I would not tell them, ever. Would not want it on my records. The same as I don’t apply for the official state card. I don’t need to and Sessions could ask the states for their user lists to decide who to round up for the concentration camps.

What I would do is take their piss test if they required it after abstaining for a few days. If they confronted me about THC metabolites I would tell them I don’t smoke but some of my friends or relatives do (legally as MMJ patients), and I have been present recently when they were smoking. After a few days, they can’t really tell if you were smoking or just in a smokey room. They certainly can’t tell you who you should or should not hang out with!

They might not even bother confronting you: I think they are mainly looking for opioids they did not proscribe for you, so they can prevent addiction. It’s the vicodan, oxy, heroin thing.


WOW ! ! ! Super Information @bob31 @super_newby I am going to move to a MMJ state ! This is great news for us that have a use for MMJ to control pain and depression. It is amazing how much it helps me for my depression and anxiety.

Wish my wife and others would realize that we do not use MMJ just to get high (WELL, sometimes we do LOL) but I cannot understand the big problem with church groups (my wife works volunteer all week at the church) have such a problem with something that is put here by God. We are only using what is provided to us.

Good to see that the page is turning for us, be it ever so slowly. Jerry


I won’t ever admit it, @1BigFella, but I’m glad for the peace of mind that I won’t have to be afraid of being tested for it anymore. I have severe back and leg pain that will never get better and Oxy and Tramadol is what I’m given for the pain. They work a little but not for long, it was a blessing that the medical cannabis movement happened to coincide with this time in my life, and I’m very grateful for it. I doubt that I’ll ever work for the VA, or even in the Federal system again, so I have no problem getting my MMJ card after this phase of the process is over.


I thought you’d be happy about seeing this, @TxGrowman because I had to read it about 5 times before I could get my head around it. I use MMJ to control pain and horrible insomnia that I’ve experienced for years and it’s been a huge blessing!

I had to work on my SO a bit in order to convince that I wasn’t doing this for the fun of it, our loved ones can see that we’re hurting when we don’t take the meds or zombies when we do. As for the church? That’s a prickly subject… LOL!!

The page is turning, that’s why I shared that information in order for it to get out in order for it to become common knowledge. Hopefully it helps some disabled Vets and helps to take away some of the fear.


Several years ago I was employed by a government agency that oversaw urinalysis tests conducted on service members. I can tell you that marijuana usually stays in a person’s body for about 30 days and often less time than that. Unless an individual was smoking, or ingesting marijuana, there is no other explanation for someone to be positive for MJ. There is no way that someone can be positive for weed if they were ONLY in a room full of smokers and did not ingest any of the drug themselves. Your best defense in this case would be to DENY, DENY, DENY!!! Now that I am no longer employed by the fed, I smoke pot daily and never felt better!!! @Jitters


That depends on what you call a positive test. Here’s a paper from the Journal of Analytical Toxicology that says they got multiple false positives from tests with people sitting next to a smoker who was smoking 11.3 % THC weed. I know some homegrown is 25 - 30 % THC now!

Tests from years ago used much weaker weed and maybe they didn’t count 20 ng/ml as a positive.
The current peer-reviewed info is that you CAN get false positives from sitting next to your buddy who is smoking to treat his cancer pain. If they confront you, tell them you were visiting him for hours yesterday. If they do hair analysis on you, tell them you visit him every day for months.


That’s actually a pretty cleaver scenario to give if questioned, @1BigFella, but with the current state of cannabis acceptance across the country, unless you run into a person that has a hair across his butt about being positive for it, I highly doubt the VA is going to go to the extreme of hair and blood testing. By everything I’ve been seeing and reading, it sounds like the VA wants to run someone through the evaluation system as quickly as possible; it just sounds like a lot of effort for them to do additional testing for cannabis. Thankfully, I live in a REC and MED legal state and am going to RI for eval where it’s MED legal. Hopefully I don’t run into any speed bumps.


Hi everyone, I have an update! My C&P eval at the VA is finished and at no time was I drug tested! I was only asked about MJ once, during my psych eval, of which I denied, and that was all.

Secondly, I recently found out that the VA doesn’t disqualify people for using MMJ as long as you have a state issued MMJ card; they actually encourage telling your practitioner so it can be integrated into your treatment plan. There’s a statement on the VA’s website stating it:

As for the Providence VA, they really are incredible! Through all evals, I never waited for more than 5 min to be seen even though the place was packed with people. Everyone was really nice and acted as if they cared. I’m really impressed with them.


Good Luck. Hope you get a good evaluation rating.